November 11, 2010

Tell your friends to pick up the latest edition of GO, Portland Press Herald’s magazine on what is happening in maine....

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Let me rephrase that…..

October 15, 2010

The FDA does not deserve your trust. Botox for “migraines” is not only a diagnostic blooper, but a horrible choice for treatment. does this mean that they have a horrible misunderstanding of the human body and inflammation? Yes, it does. Should you listen to CNN and Sanjay Gupta? I’ll repeat myself. Under some circumstances,...

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Cancer in ancient times

October 14, 2010

This is a very interesting article on cancer in ancient times. It’s time to work on the cure and focus on finding the cause....

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Considering Back Surgery? Read this first!

All surgeries carry some risk. If you are going under the knife, it would be nice to know that your odds of being helped were pretty high. Chiropractors have tried to warn you of the risks of surgeries, now it’s not just us reminding you!...

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