Dr. Lou’s stomach sleeping remedy – Portland, Maine

If you find yourself with neck pain AND you sleep on your back, try this: While lying in bed on your back, repeat the following 5-10 times“I am a back sleeper, I never sleep on my stomach, but if I do roll on to my stomach I will wake up and return to my back.” Step two involves a visualization:Close your eyes and imagine watching yourself sleeping comfortably on your back. Continue this exercise for 1-5 minutes. Repeat for at least one week before consulting Dr....

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Is that touchdown worth the risk of brain damage?

September 22, 2010

It is no secret that football is a dangerous sport. Repetitive hits to the head by kids running full speed. CRACK! If you have a child who plays football, you’ve heard the sound. While football helmets are better than ever, the demands being put on kids to hit hard are also greater than ever. The truth is, the helmets are not fully protective. Evidence highlighted in research and published in an article in TIME magazine last year shows that repetitive blows to the head are very strongly linked to brain damage later in life. If you ever played a team sport as a kid, you know how much it stunk to sit on the sideline. When you finally did get on the field, you’d play as hard as you could to stay there. Playing hard in football means not only using all your might to plow through or over other players, it also means saying you are ok when you feel a little dizzy, light headed or fuzzy in the head. Football has the highest number of brain injuries of any sport. With over 3 million kids and 1.5 high school students playing football it is suspected that there...

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Avastin – Thanks for nothing.

September 15, 2010

Published today on CNN.com is an article on avastin. An anti angiogenesis medication that appears to have little benefit and risks that include internal bleeding. This would have been wonderful to know about 9 months ago when our mother was given Avastin to “slow tumor growth” by decreasing the blood supply to tumors. In April our mother was admitted to the hospital for stomach bloating which turned out to be a perforated colon and internal bleeding. And thus began the downward spiral. Personal experience aside, how incompetent must the doctors be before the masses raise hell. If it’s not the doctor’s responsibility but instead the drug companies, who are can we really trust with our healthcare? I’m not old enough to remember a time when the MAJORITY of doctors had integrity. Thanks to those of you who still do, shame on those of you who roll with the man. AVASTIN –...

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