Tonights Class – Tuesday, January 18

January 18, 2011

Class tonight is cancelled. Rosina Tenenbaum’s class has been rescheduled to February 15, 2011. **Dr. Lou will not be speaking tonight due to the severe weather.What a great night to stay in and...

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Fire and Ice

January 17, 2011

Two of the most popular home therapies for injuries are heat and ice. As simple as these two modalities seem, there is often confusion surrounding their use. Bowlers experience a number of issues that ice and/or heat could be valuable for. Here is the breakdown. ICEIce is used for acute injuries to the soft tissue of the body. The purpose of ice is to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Ice is great if you have just pulled something and it hurts and is going to swell. Ideally you will be able to apply ice before the swelling becomes significant.
Ice should remain on the injured area for no more than 15 minutes. If ice is left on for too long a reaction called the “hunting effect” occurs where your body senses prolonged cold and sends blood to the area which in turn may increase inflammation. Ultimately, this would produce the opposite of the desired effect. Icing may be repeated every hour to 2 hours. Many people have heard of “RICE Therapy”. RICE stands for REST, ICE, COMPRESSION and ELEVATION. These four actions will generally begin the healing process of many common bowling injuries. Important note: Ice does tend to tighten...

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Schedule Change!

World Gym Trainer Rosina Tenenbaum has rescheduled her class from Tomorrow, Jan 18 to Tuesday February 15th. In her place Dr. Lou will be electrified with weight loss energy and passing it on to attendees. Portland is expecting snow tomorrow. If you are NOT going to be in attendance you must call to open your spot. This is a great opportunity to have small group attention with Dr. Lou at no charge. See you tomorrow To reserve a seat or open a seat call:(207) SPINAL 1...

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2010 Mystache Fights Cancer and The Mustached American of The Year Award

January 9, 2011

To all that voted, Thank you.Ultimately I came in 6th place. Over 500,000 votes were cast. I am very thankful for all of the support, both with votes as well as financially for the 2010 “mystache fights cancer” campaign. The Cancer Community Center of South Portland is several thousand dollars better funded and support for cancer patients, their families and friends will continue in part thanks to your help. 2011 Mystache Fights Cancer will be an even greater success than in 2010. Join the...

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Congratulations Maine!

Below is a press release that sent out last week. For Immediate Release January 7, 2011 Contact: Dr. Lou Jacobs – 207-807-1119 or Portland Doctor has message for Governor LePage about addiction problemPortland, Maine — Governor Paul LePage has a serious drug problem. His state has recently been ranked #1 in the country for treatment rates for addiction to the pain killers oxycodone and hydrocodone. Dr. Lou Jacobs of Portland, Maine believes he has a partial solution to the problem for Governor LePage. Focus more on drug free healthcare for key health problems that may often be effectively treated without prescriptions. Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on low back pain, the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work. Back pain is the second most common neurological ailment in the United States — only headache is more common. For over 110 years chiropractic care has successfully treated low back pain and headache for a fraction of the cost of traditional medical modalities and without the risk of drug addiction. Chiropractic is the third largest healthcare profession in The United States. The foundation of chiropractic care since 1895 has always been...

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The basics.

Most bowling injuries fall into two broad categories. Acute injuries and repetitive stress injuries. If you want to bowl to the grave and without pain or injury then you need to understand, as a first line of defense, how to protect yourself. Although bowling is not often thought of as a risky sport, if you are serious about the game, you had better treat it like you are a pro ball player. There are a number of acute injuries that can occur while bowling. Dropping the ball on your foot or being hit by stray. Sprains, strains in the legs, arms, shoulders, back, feet and hands. Finger and thumb pulls, sprains and dislocations although uncommon, would be classified as acute. Any injury related to a slip and fall. All of these are the type of injuries that are best prevented by being careful. These injuries generally appear to come on suddenly. There is an “incident” associated with the injury. If there is a lot of blood involved or a concussion, go to the hospital. As a general rule an acute injury that does not require immediate medical attention should be iced. Repetitive stress injuries or “RSI’s” are very common,...

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And total number of participants is….

January 6, 2011

132. The winner of Dr. Lou’s 2011 weight loss challenge has the opportunity to win $3,300! If there are two winners, each will recieve $1,650! This is the biggest weight loss challenge payout that I can find for the state. The goal will be to at least double this amount for next year. This years winner will be the participant spokesperson for all of 2011 and people are already off to the races! Good luck everyone and I will see you soon! ~Dr....

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Welcome to Dr. Lou’s Healthy Bowler page.This blog has been inspired by patients who bowl and have sustained injuries.Ask anyone who bowls seriously about one of their worst nightmares and in the top 5 will be the inability bowl.This blog will answer questions related to injuries and problems but also offer preventive advice to avoid the problems in the first place. Please post questions or concerns about bowling related injuries. Dr. Lou Jacobs is a Chiropractor/Acupuncturist in Portland Maine. He is the creator of Dr. Lou’s Business Bowl, a networking event open to the public on the first Thursday of every month at Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine. Dr. Jacobs specializes in a number of professionals and injuries but since the opening of Bayside Bowl in 2010 has encountered more and more bowling related injuries. Due to treatment success and increasing numbers of bowlers as patients this blog seemed a necessary addition to Portland’s blog scene. Become a follower and receive blog...

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Follow the blog and receive updates on the bowl as well as wisdom to help your business prosper. Your mind set is important to your success, but so is how much you bowl.~Dr. Lou...

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