Weight Loss Help in Maine – Weight Loss Coaching

August 24, 2012

Weight Loss Help In Maine Weight loss help in Maine is readily available.  If you are looking for weight loss help in Maine, have you heard of Weight Loss Coaching?  Weight loss coaching is not the same as working with a personal trainer.  Most people know how to exercise.  On the other hand, most people don’t know how to eat right, keep their motivation high, stay inspired, or otherwise keep their head “in the game”. To lose weight it helps to think and act like a person who is thin.  Weight loss help in Maine includes receiving assistance in this department.  Dr. Lou Jacobs can teach you how to think like a person who is thin, act like a person who is thin and educate, motivate and inspire you to move toward your weight loss goals. Research has shown that overweight and obese Americans spend thousands more every year than their thin counterparts.  Lose weight, save money! There is weight loss help in Maine if you want it.  If you have recently said to yourself , “I have to do something, I can’t go on like this” or “Why can’t I just do this, why can’t I get out...

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Take What You Need – A Kick In The Arse

Take What You Need – A Kick In The Arse Everyone needs a kick in the arse every once in a while.  A kick in the tush can help motivate, inspire, take action and a slew of other positive things that help you along.  It’s a jump start if you will. Our doctors specialize in jump starting you toward the healthy physical and mental lifestyle you are looking for.  Dr. Lou is a professional weight loss coach and Dr. Max is a practicing Buddhist with years of meditation and study under his belt. For your kick in the arse, call (207)...

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Chiropractor in Westbrook, Maine

August 23, 2012

Chiropractor in Westbrook, Maine If you are looking for a chiropractor in Westbrook, Maine, look no further than Portland.  Portland is a mere 8 minutes from Westbrook an offers diversity within a single office. Dr. Lou Jacobs is not a chiropractor in Westbrook, Maine, his office is in Portland.  He grew up in Maine and went to the University of Maine at Farmington.  He also studied at Beijing Polytechnic University in Beijing China from 1993-1994.  He taught at The International School of Beijing from 1994-1995.  He studied chinese medicine with “feng ayi” his cooking instructor and chinese medicine teacher.  Dr. Lou specializes in the treatment of children, pregnant moms, extreme sports athletes, musicians and other performing artists.  Come to the office and see the pictures of Dr. Lou with musicians on the wall of fame. Dr. Max Jacobs, Dr. Lou’s biological brother, is currently in Ireland and will be back in September.  Dr. Max attended New York Chiropractic College and has since earned advanced distinctions in acupuncture. Dr. Max meditates for hours everyday and has been on a world tour for the past 8 months. He is traveling Ireland with his “Lyre” a musical instrument he had handcrafted by...

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Kids Chiropractor in Portland, Maine

Kids Chiropractor in Portland, Maine If you are looking for a kids chiropractor in Portland, Maine, look no further.  Dr. Lou Jacobs is ” The Kids Chiropractor In Portland, Maine .”  In addition to specializing in chiropractic care for children, he is also a balloon sculptor and clown.  That’s right, your kids will receive their treatment and leave with a laugh and a balloon animal. A kids chiropractor in Portland, Maine may be able to help your child with frequent ear infections, scoliosis, difficulties walking or running, turning head to one side more than the other, allergies, headaches, torticollis, or other uncomfortable disorders.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that bedwetting, insomnia, agitation and other night time disorders are also helped with chiropractic care. If you are searching for a kids chiropractor in Portland, Maine call 774-6251 with your questions. Erin, Yvette or even Dr. Lou will answer your questions. Dr. Lou holds regular classes on vaccination and other topics important to moms, dads and their children.  Dr. Lou’s daughter turns three in October and is especially up to speed on the issues of three year olds.  ...

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Take What You Need- Clothing Swap- Portland, Maine

Take What You Need – Clothing Swap- Portland, Maine Trading clothes you no longer wear, for ones you actually like, without spending any money? Yes Please! On Saturday, August 25th from 9-11am we are holding a clothing swap right here at our office on 138 Saint John Street in Portland, Maine. We will also be accepting and trading children’s toys. Kids grow out of their clothes and toys in about the amount of time it takes them to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, so come take advantage of this opportunity! Men, women and kids.. Everyone is welcome! Check out additional details here!...

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Water Polo in Cape Elizabeth

August 17, 2012

Water Polo in Cape Elizabeth With the 2012 Summer Olympics over, people are amped up, inspired, feeling more competitive, and in unfortunate cases, getting injured. Equipped with the proper space and resources, water polo in Cape Elizabeth has become more popular in recent years. Water polo is an intense sport that requires an immense amount of strength and endurance. With constant movement and repetitive motions, one can become easily injured. Those who play Water Polo in Cape Elizabeth have reported some common injuries which include: wrist and hand, back and spine, shoulder and facial injuries. There are some ways to prevent injuries caused by playing water polo in Cape Elizabeth, or anywhere for that matter, here are a few: Since players don’t have stable leg support in the water, the upper extremities become fatigued and are more susceptible to injury. Strengthening the legs and core with squats carrying a challenging amount of weight, and balancing shoulder strength with push ups and pull ups will help the player be less vulnerable to injury. Hand and wrist injuries typically occur due to overly aggressive play, so trying to avoid this type of play is the best way to avoid pain. These...

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Vaccinations in Portland, Maine

August 16, 2012

Vaccinations in Portland, Maine The topic of vaccinations in Portland, Maine has become very controversial, especially in recent years with more people taking a proactive stance on their health and the health of their family. It is important to take into consideration the risks on both sides of the debate when deciding whether or not to vaccinate your children. How do vaccines affect a baby’s immune system? Biochemically, how do vaccines affect the body? The recommended immunization schedule is 31 doses for all children by age six. Are all these vaccinations necessary? On Tuesday, August 21st at 6:15pm we will have a discussion on vaccinations in Portland, Maine at 138 Saint John Street. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by calling Yvette at 774-6251 or emailing...

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Clothing Swap in Portland, Maine

Clothing Swap in Portland, Maine Do you have a closet full of clothes, but take an hour to get dressed because you “have nothing to wear”? Feeling a burning desire to hit up the stores to revamp you wardrobe? Well before you bust the bank, come join us on Saturday, August 25th from 9-11am for a clothing swap in Portland, Maine. Contrary to popular belief, a clothing swap is not the act of having an unplanned sleepover at a friend’s house, borrowing their clothing the next day, and leaving them with your dirty laundry. A clothing swap is actually quite a productive and responsible event to take part in. Clothing swaps are a great way to declutter and replenish one’s wardrobe, and offer an environmentally friendly and frugal alternative to shopping. It is a swapmeet of sorts in which swappers exchange their admired but ignored clothing, for clothing they will actually use. Come join us! Saturday, August 25th from 9-11am 138 Saint John Street Portland, Maine RSVP to Yvette at 774-6251 or yvetteschussler@yahoo.com For additional details, click here...

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Wakeboarding in Sebago, Maine

August 13, 2012

Wakeboarding in Sebago, Maine Wakeboarding in Sebago, Maine is a popular and fun summer activity which requires strength and focus to perform well and avoid injury. Just the act of pulling oneself up on the board can take a considerable amount of energy and strength. There are a few precautions and preparations to consider to achieve the best results while avoiding injuries wakeboarding in Sebago, Maine. Keep your arms, legs and core strong! Here is a link to help you get in wakeboarding shape, no matter what kind of exercise you enjoy, there is something for everyone. Mix it up and make it work for you. Stay hydrated. Muscles are made up of 75 percent water, they need hydration to work properly and avoid injury. Make sure you wear appropriate and proper fitting equipment: comfortable, supportive bindings and a helmet are important to keep yourself from being injured wakeboarding in Sebago, Maine. Know your limits, and rest. Whether you are just beginning, or have been riding for years, listen to your body! Some days tricks just don’t stick, especially if you’re already tired. Move on to something else, there’s always another time to try it, it isn’t worth being out...

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Thoughts From Backstage

August 6, 2012

Thoughts From Backstage After 10 years of working with and specializing in musicians health and injuries, I was finally asked to go on tour with a band.  Just 2 days ago I respectfully declined the gig of a lifetime.  Being asked is just as good as doing it, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. My passion for working with musicians has provided me with opportunities that I only dreamed of years ago.  The experiences have been profound and I have learned a lot about working with all people by spending time with some of the most famous people in music today. – People are all the same.  We are individuals with sometimes unique issues but we are all people and we all want to feel better. – We all need a bit of TLC at times.  The distance from the top to feeling as though you are at the bottom is sometimes nothing more than a bad sprain or strain. – All people are valuable and worthy of great care and respect.   Everyone deserves superstar care.  Our problems are important to all of us, whether we’re famous or not, pain doesn’t discriminate. – Musicians are athletes and need to treat themselves as such. – Whether we are millionaire superstars...

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