Does Whiplash Pain Go Away On It’s Own?

December 7, 2016

When will my whiplash pain disappear? Ask Dr. Lou – Neck Pain Expert   Will your whiplash pain go away on it’s own? This depends on several factors related to you and the accident. A few of the most important questions are listed below.   – Did you have any previous injuries, problems or pain in the neck? – How hard was your car hit? – Were you wearing a seatbelt? Did you neck hit the door, dash, headrest or steering wheel? – How fast were all cars moving? – From which direction were you hit? – How old are you? – What is your job? – In what position do you sleep? – How is your overall health? – Do you get headaches? – Do you work at a desk? – How is your stress level?     You get the idea. Whiplash pain is always a sign that damage has been done. The extent of the damage depends on many factors and usually makes it easier to predict how long it will take of you to feel better.   Another legitimate question that you should ask is “Once I feel better, how long before proper function of...

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Painful Parenting is no fun. Can’t lift your kids? Call Dr. Lou.

December 6, 2016

Be a rad dad.

Parenting In Pain Hurts Everyone. We’ve all had moments where back pain, headache, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, sciatica pain or some other ache has prevented us from the Saturday morning LEGO party on the living room floor. Maybe you can’t pick up your kid because of one of the aforementioned pains. If you can’t play with your kids, odds are, you are thinking “I’m too young for this.”     There are many causes of headaches, joint pain, sciatica, muscle pain, stiffness and the like. They all fall under the “Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal” umbrella, which is the chiropractors domain. Why not go to your PCP? Maybe you should. Recognize though that when all you have is a hammer, all you will see is a nail. IF you are looking for non-surgical, drug free solutions to painful parenting problems that are preventing you from playing with or holding your kids, chiropractic may be your answer. It’s proven safe and effective. In fact, chiropractic is statistically safer than driving to Shaws for popsicles.     Here’s a story about a painful parenting incident at LL BEAN on December 2, 2016.  ...

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One leg is shorter than the other! What’s that mean? A short leg?!

December 5, 2016

You’ve been told “One leg is shorter than the other.”   Do you have a short leg? When you have a short leg, the discrepancy may be anatomical or may be functional. Either one leads to problems. (Dr. Lou’s video linked here.) Problems like pain, arthritis, immobility, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, low back pain. Dysfunction in the joints often leads to nerve dysfunction called vertebral subluxation and this condition leads to reduction in function throughout the body. Often without you even feeling it.   Anatomical leg length discrepancies are due to one leg actually being physically shorter than the other. The bone is short. Functional discrepancies are due to muscle tension, spinal and pelvic subluxation, low back torsion or scoliosis and a number of other causes. When all leg bones are the same length but wear and tear, tension, imbalance and asymmetries are present, these are issues that can be corrected. When a leg bone is anatomically shorter than the other side, heel lifts and shoe modifications will balance things out.   If you’ve been told that you have a leg length difference, you should call our office, be evaluated by an expert and then...

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Health Insurance Does Not Make You Healthy.

December 3, 2016

Health Insurance Does Not Make You Healthy, Healthy Habits Do.     Health insurance in America is critical for expensive medical care in the event of an emergency or serious illness. There is no denying this. To that extent, it is worth it’s weight in gold. Premiums are high though, and believe it or not, sometimes people have unusual expectations of their coverage. Using your insurance plan to have an annual check up is wise, but the check up in and of itself, doesn’t make you healthy. It tells you what, if anything, is wrong with you. Blood work doesn’t create health, it screens you for disease. An Xray or MRI doesn’t provide you with better health, it tells doctors what is wrong with you.   A focus on food, exercise, optimal function and a world class attitude is what complements top shelf chiropractic care to get your system working in top gear. If health insurance had anything to do with quality of our health system, we’d be the healthiest country in the world. Instead, our system is  ranked #37....

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Don’t Let Back Pain Get Between You And Your Beer. Brewer, Supplier, Drinker Solutions.

December 1, 2016

Back Pain Keeping You From Your Beer? Brewers, Distributors and Drinkers – Take note.   Portland, Maine understands beer. According to Forbes.com, Portland has the greatest concentration of craft breweries than anywhere else in the country. That’s right, Portland is #1. Becoming #1 though was earned on the backs of brewers, distributors and drinkers here in Southern Maine.   What kind of injuries to brewery workers have? Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain, slipped discs, disc herniations, meniscus tears in the knee, ACL tears, rotator cuff injuries and a host of other problems associated with long hours, pushing, pulling and working hard. While it may seem that these breweries in Portland couldn’t fail, they are all working their tails off.   How to prevent injuries if you work in a brewery?   Stretch and warm up before work. (makes you less vulnerable to injury)   Stretch and cool down after work. (makes you less vulnerable to soreness and injury later)   Lift what you can handle, get help with everything else.   Push, pull and roll kegs carefully and consciously to avoid a mishap.   Don’t slip. Slipping while moving equipment or supplies can be...

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Get adjusted before or after a workout?

November 30, 2016

Should you get adjusted before or after a workout? The most truthful answer ever recorded.   The answer to this and many other questions may be found on Dr. Lou’s Youtube channel. You see, understanding your purpose of the adjustment dictates when to get it. Dr. Lou Jacobs has worked with hundreds of exceptional athletes and has experience with the benefits of timing adjustments appropriately....

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Dr. Lou Jacobs, Maine’s Rock Doc Chiropractor | (207) 774-6251

November 29, 2016

Like a professional musician, you want a chiropractor with good hands. The adjustment is everything. Call Dr. Lou for a great adjustment. Trusted by some of the best musicians in the world. (207) 774-6251

Finely Tuned Specialty. Rock & Roll Chiropractor in Portland, Maine     For over 15 years I’ve worked with musicians as a chiropractic graduate student and as a licensed chiropractor in Portland, Maine and Bucharest, Romania. What started out as a specialty for local musicians turned into a different game about seven years ago.   Eight or nine years ago I was hired to work a large show by a company that I ended up being less than happy with. After the show I spent a great deal of time beginning to create relationships and connections in the industry that would lead me to the musicians. My Rock Doc specialty was born.   I began getting gigs with some of music’s biggest names and they just kept coming. Repeat customers, offers to go on the road, direct cell phone numbers and other signs that I’d arrived. While I am happier at home with my family than on a 300 square foot tour bus, the opportunities I have had reminded me of the value of family as well as the obvious thrill of being part of the rock & roll lifestyle on a top shelf level.   I often wonder how...

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65+ with a Cane and a Wheelchair. Not Part Of Your Retirement Plan?

November 28, 2016

Wheel Chair & Cane Retirement Plan – No Fun   Predicting the future is difficult. Things happen. What are you doing to prevent the need for a wheel chair or cane during retirement? Don’t be so negative, you say? Listen, it happens more often than you are probably aware. Instability while walking, slip and fall, wake up in the hospital with a broken hip and a wheelchair. Risk of accidents can be reduced with proper action steps.   30.6 million Number of people 15 and older who had difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Source: Americans with Disabilities: 2010 www.census.gov/prod/2012pubs/p70-131.pdf   3.6 million Number of people 15 and older who used a wheelchair to assist with mobility. This compares with 11.6 million people who used a cane, crutches or walker. Source: Americans with Disabilities: 2010 www.census.gov/prod/2012pubs/p70-131.pdf   Chiropractic care improves nerve function, brain control over your body and better stability and agility as you age. You may have a financial retirement plan but do you have a health protection plan for your retirement years? What are you doing to keep your body in tip top shape?  ...

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9 Great Ways To Work Off Thanksgiving Dinner.

November 23, 2016

Heavy meal? Work it off in Portland, Maine with these 9 easy methods.   1. Give thanks for your partner with Black Friday, morning love making.   2. Walk around your local shopping district, like The Old Port in Portland, Maine, for an hour.   3. Work off Thanksgiving dinner by Videotaping yourself running up and down the hill of the     eastern prom park.   4. Take your kids to Mackworth Island, visit the fairy houses and keep on walking!   5. Walk into the woods, cut down a christmas tree. Drag it home and put it in it’s stand.   6. Chase your kids around the back cove.   7. Take your family on a walk in the nearest park and take family pictures.   8. Go to the gym and lose 5 pounds before Christmas!   9. Be a 5 day vegetarian. No meat until Wednesday!  ...

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Why Body Composition Analysis for 2017? It Fosters Fitness Success.

November 21, 2016

Body Composition Analysis Fosters Fitness Success!   Why would you want to find out what you are made of? With over 10 years of weight loss coaching and mental conditioning for success, I can tell you that details matter. The more details you know about your body composition, the more focused your efforts can be and the less likely you’ll get frustrated waiting for the number on the scale to change. What if you don’t use a scale? Doesn’t matter. Your body composition impacts your metabolism. Your metabolism, obviously, impacts weight loss and strategies for body conditioning optimization. Watch this video for a quick explanation of how it works, why it’s great and how it’s going to help you succeed!   The scale only gives you weight. It doesn’t tell you how much water, muscle and fat you are made of.   When you have your BMI calculated, it’s based on weight and height. If you are 5% body fat before a bodybuilding competition but your weight and height are high and low, your BMI will be too high. This number doesn’t tell you much.   Body composition testing using an RJL Systems analyzer give us much more information. Water...

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