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July 26, 2016

Welcome to Jacobs Chiropractic. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Pokemon Go in Portland, Maine – Injury Specialist – (207) 774-6251

July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go in Portland, Maine As reported by channel 6 in Portland, Pokemon go in Portland, Maine is out of control! As Pokemon Go gets more and more people off the couch and running around Portland frantically looking for virtual characters, people are going to start feeling the burn. Going from couch to pokemon 5K is going to remind people of body parts they forgot they had.   As with any new activity, there is a risk of flare up of old injuries or creation of new ones. If you are living Pokemon Go in Portland, Maine, here’s some stuff you can do to prevent injuries:   Stretch. Light stretching before searching is a great injury prevention technique for the inflexible body.   Hydrate. Even here in Portland, it’s hot. Drink plenty of water.   Take it Slow at first. Don’t go crazy, take a few days to get used to moving so much.   Rest if you need to, the virtual world can wait. If you don’t rest, you may injure yourself and be “forced” to rest.   Know your limits. If you’ve been inactive for a long time, recognize you may not be your old self and...

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College Scholarships and Sports – The Winning Edge You’d Never Guess!

June 29, 2016

Competition For Athletic Scholarships Is At An All Time High.   How do you separate your teen athlete from the pack?   Athletic scholarships to the best colleges in the U.S. are just as competitive as your child has been for years now. A free ride to a top university is every parent’s dream for their child. They play the sport they love, they study and learn, they have the name recognition of a top school and their future looks extremely bright. All parents would love to provide their children with the opportunity for such skills and success. Chiropractic can help them get there. Yup, you heard that right, chiropractic is for more than back pain.       Chiropractic care concerns itself with the physical structure of a person (bones, muscles and joints) and how misalignments and abnormalities in that structure and it’s biomechanics subsequently affect the nervous system in a negative way. By “negative way” in an athlete we’re talking decreased speed, reflexes, strength, tone, precision, control, flexibility, mobility, vertical jumping ability, decreased O2 intake and a host of other negative ways.   How does your kid measure up? Sometimes it’s hard to tell where they are...

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Choose to be happy! Choose to be healthy! Your life, you choose.

June 13, 2016

Choose to be happy.   Part of being healthy is choosing to do things that make you healthy and then following through with action steps that are congruent with the health you hope to achieve. Every day that I dedicate to my career as a chiropractor, I do my best to help people become healthier by facilitating better procession and communication within the nervous system of the individual I am working with.   I work 2-3 months out of the year in Romania. Like in the U.S., people here choose a hard road or a happy road. You can choose to be happy. In the U.S. as well as in Romania, people often choose to suffer through high summer heat without using an air conditioner. And then they proceed to complain about the heat and how hard life is. Your choice.   People don’t want to go to school, so they get a job or several and then complain about how hard life is. How they have to work so much. How they make no money. What did you think was going to happen, and why do you think it’s too late to make a change? Someday, if you...

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How You Grow Old Is Your Choice. How do you want to age?

June 10, 2016

Growing old is not a choice, how you do it, is.   Needless to say we all get old. We all have genetics and we all have lifestyles. The science of epigenetics tells us that the choices we make in our lives will affect how our DNA expresses itself toward health or toward disease.     Have you given any thought to how you will do your best to stay out of a wheelchair later in life? What about playing with your grandkids from a bedridden state? How much fun will retirement at the beach be if you can’t use your walker in the sand?     What are you doing this weekend to create a better future? Keeping your body mobile, stable, strong and functioning optimally is easier than you think. Just like saving money for retirement, healthy action steps now are making deposits in your healthy longevity account. Chiropractic improves nervous system communication, control and healing. It mobilizes joints and gives you a better sense of stability and awareness in all environments.   Your chiropractor should present you with a comprehensive chiropractic optimization plan designed to remove vertebral subluxation and optimize your nerve system. It should be...

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Baby Carriers and Hip Dysplasia – What you don’t know could hurt your baby.

June 8, 2016

Baby Carriers and Hip Dysplasia. In less than 300 words we will show you the good and the bad. What to do and what not to do. What to buy and what not to buy.   Do not put your child in a carrier that let’s their legs hang down in such a way that the carrier drives up into their hip joints.   The mom below has it right! Prevent hip dysplasia from a baby carrier by buying one under the supervision of a professional. For information beyond the basics, visit

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When does the pain in your head start?

June 6, 2016

Are you suffering for no reason? Do you have Vertebral Subluxation? How does the pain in your head start? Is it caused by Vertebral Subluxation?   When does your head start to hurt? If you head starts to hurt under any of the following conditions, you may be suffering from vertebral subluxation.   * When you are under stress * When your neck is tight * After physically demanding work * When you wake up in the morning * When you drive your car * While sitting at your computer * At family gatherings * At work * Worst on Mondays   Vertebral subluxation is a condition where your vertebra(e) is misaligned. This misalignment causes inflammation and pressure on the nerves that come out of your spine to control your body. In the neck these nerves control the neck and head. Subluxation causes a decrease in nerve control, regulation and ultimately healing of whatever those nerves control. Additionally, subluxation negatively impacts the way your body responds to the information processed in your brain about your environment. This leads to decreased quality of life, vulnerability to stress and illness and if it gets bad enough, will often lead to a painful,...

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Stop Brushing Your Teeth Immediately. Doctor’s Orders. Avoiding Back Surgery In Portland, Maine

May 30, 2016

Stop Brushing Your Teeth Immediately.  Doctor’s Orders.   Avoid Back Surgery in Portland, Maine     According to wikipedia, the origin of dentistry dates back to 7,000 BC. For decades dentists have been emphasizing the need to brush regularly and floss at least once a day. New evidence shows that this no longer makes sense.   We interviewed 100 people regarding brushing and flossing habits. 90% of those interviewed said they brush daily despite having no evidence of cavities or tooth decay. Of this 90% nearly all respondents said that their teeth feel fine but they brush anyway. 65% of people polled said they floss regularly and similar to the people who brush, they have no known cavities and have no dental pain.   Dentists have suggested that prevention actually works and that before cavities, gum disease and other problems in the mouth, tooth and gums occur, we should take action. Take action before problems start.   This approach no longer makes sense. People are now being told that they should discontinue brushing if their teeth don’t hurt and they have no cavities. The time and expense of regular dental care, when weighed against the known risk and outcome,...

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Cell Phones And Cancer – Use Your Brain.

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?   Despite recent reports the verdict still seems to be out on this issue. With high exposure do rats get tumors when exposed to cell phones? Yes. Does this mean humans will? No. But the world is not this cut and dry. While the question about cell phone safety is good, it’s not the best question. Understanding that there is value in knowing the dangers of cell phone exposure in a lab, it’s much more complicated than that. People will us the “we aren’t the same as rats and we don’t expose our brains to 9 hours of cell phone use a day.” Like with most misunderstandings by civilians about how the body works, thinking about the big picture is often lost. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with immeasurable physical, chemical and mental stress. We don’t live in a world where the only stress on our brain from cell phones. Whether it’s chemicals in medications, radiation or some form of electromagnetic energy that crosses our blood brain barrier or skeletal protection, it may all be adding up. The cumulative effect and how they interact with one another is what is ultimately most important and telling....

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Chiropractic and Martial Arts – A Portland, Maine Perspective

May 17, 2016

The Salubrious Dr. Lou Martial Arts & Chiropractic   Martial Arts & Chiropractic go hand in hand. Here’s why.   All martial arts are physically and mentally demanding. Focus, speed, flexibility, control, spacial awareness, reflexes, muscle memory, physical resilience and a host of other qualities come in to play. These often simultaneously demanding requirements are all controlled by the brain. The brain is your master controller, the hard drive and server of your human computer network. Control and communication to all cells of the body must be optimally functional for you to get the most out of your body. This is true whether you are practicing MMA, Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Jukado, Karate or Aikido.   Because of the physical and mental demands and even physical abuse you put your body through to learn a martial art, things get thrown out of whack. When your body gets jarred around, subluxation of the spine often results. Subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that leads to nerve irritation and results in decreased nerve communication. This interference decreases function in the areas that the nerves control. If those areas happen to be your feet, legs, neck, hips, stomach, adrenal glands or other...

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