Why Do I Have Back Pain? Wallet Breaking Your Back?

July 25, 2017

Diagnosis, Plan of Action, Correction of the problem. 1 2 3 Chiropractic with Dr. Lou Jacobs. Effective. Efficient. Always Straightforward. Lou Jacobs, DC, CACCP. Call for help today! (207) 774-6251.

Why do I have back pain? The problem. The cause. The solution. “In a field of horses, don’t look for zebras” they told us in school. It’s usually an obvious cause to a common problem if you look closely. And indeed, but for the few odd cases, people and their problems are pretty predictable. In my 15 years of practice the majority of folks who haven’t had a clear cut trauma have suffered because of a long term accumulation of one or many of the  following causes: Mental stress. Too much sitting or standing. Heavy physical labor. Sleep position on the stomach or side with a leg up. Being overweight or obese. Lack of exercise. Repetitive motions over long periods of time. Lots of driving or commuting. Bending over for long periods of time at work (hygienist, dentist). Sitting on a wallet in your back pocket Time + Stress = Problems. Many men keep their wallet in their back pocket for years and then fail to figure out that it’s the cause of their back problems. Imagine a car with 13″ rims on one side and 20″ rims on the other. Or maybe a woman who wears a 5 inch heel on one foot...

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Lawn Care Destroyed My Life. Maine Lawn Care Lessons. Dr. Lou the Lawn Care Safety Man!

July 12, 2017

Third leading cause of death in the U.S.? PREVENTABLE medical mistakes. Spine & Back issues? Call the chiropractor first. Safe, Effective, Better than a prescription gateway drug to heroin. Call Dr. Jacobs for drug free, safe, effective help at (207) 774-6251

The Event That Changes Everything. It’s a little frightening to know that without an absolute knowledge of your body, at any given moment, you could have “the event that changes everything.” Now, to be fair, most of us will not experience this type of life altering subluxation or other meltdown. Lawn care and maintenance in the summer can be one of those activities that sticks it to you. Why lawn care? Because lawn care involves the “3 T’s”. The three T’s are thoughts, traumas and toxins. Thoughts: The mental stress that accompanies doing something you dread doing (Yard work) Traumas: The physical labor and stress of holding equipment, mowing, blowing, weeding, hedging, etc. Toxins: Gasoline fumes, stress hormones, inflammation chemicals and the like. Heavy, cumbersome equipment, the fact that you’d rather be hanging out with friends and family and the uptick in stress hormones all make you more vulnerable to a physical melt down. Sciatica, disc herniations, sprain strains, frozen shoulders and the like can be the result of overstressed yard work. Hold your leaf blower close to your body and use both hands to hold it. Don’t ever hold anything cumbersome and heavy, far away from your body....

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What is the problem with my back?

June 18, 2017

Stop waiting for things to get better on their own. It hasn't worked yet. Take control, take action. Call Dr. Lou for help today - (207) 774-6251. Portland, Maine

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the U.S. It affects 80% of Americans Some sources say it costs Americans as much each year as cancer treatment. Wait a second, as much as cancer? It is such a common problem and it is so poorly managed by medicine, that yes, it’s that expensive. So what’s wrong with your back? Most commonly back problem areas boil down to joints, bones, muscles, nerves and discs. Very often it’s a combination of any of those and all of those. The spine and back are complicated because of the duties they perform. Upright posture, mobility and protection of the spinal cord. These are the big ones. All of these are critically important for normal human existence. Without them, life is really tough. REALLY TOUGH. If your problem is not more serious, like cancer or serious trauma (fracture), there is almost no doubt that the pain and dysfunction is from those aforementioned sources. How do you deal with joints and bones? Joints and bones become stressed through physical activity combined with poor alignment. This causes inflammation, degeneration and immobility. The key with joints is to keep them mobile, well lubricated and not inflamed. Joints...

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Painful Joints and body pain in cold, wet, weather.

June 7, 2017

Pain in the rain? Do your joints hurt when it's wet and cold outside? Your body ache in the rain and cold? This is a sign of a problem. Call Dr. Lou at (207) 774-6251 and schedule relief today!

It’s “common” but not “normal”. Why does weather affect our joints and bodies? We have baroreceptors, like barometers, in our hearts, in our joints and throughout our bodies. These baroreceptors communicate to the body what’s happening in our environment and the brain creates a response. Damaged receptors don’t work well. If these receptors are in your knees or hips for example, the body’s response may be skewed, or may be appropriate but the joint is still dysfunctional. Either way, pain often increases. Let’s say that you have an injured knee that’s already misaligned and inflamed. When the weather is cold and damp the lubricating synovial fluid of the joint reduces in quantity. With less fluid in the joint,  the misalignment and inflammation become more pronounced and the weather tips the pain “over the edge”.  If your knee were not misaligned and inflamed already, this weather change wouldn’t bother your knee. If your hip joints are filled with inflammatory tenodonitis and the weather is damp and cold, these changes in environmental barometric pressure lead to an increase in inflammation in the ligaments and tendons, leading to more pain. It pushes your hips “over the top”. If your hip were in perfect...

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Shoulder Injuries: Healing, Prevention, Optimization.

May 31, 2017

Shoulder pain is cruel and unusual punishment for not taking care of your shoulders. Do the right thing. Prevention is the best medicine. Both chiropractic and acupuncture may help. Call Dr. Lou in Portland at 774-6251.

The Shoulder Injuries, Healing, Prevention and Optimization. Like with any problem with the body, it’s best to try and avoid it. Regular strength training and range of motion exercises for the shoulders will prevent problems. The shoulders are complicated joints, not because of the joint itself but because of the support system of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Most of the stability of the shoulder comes from the muscles and ligaments of the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff consists of 4 muscles. These muscles are Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor and Subscapularis. The joints that comprise the shoulder are the ball and socket joint called the glenohumoral joint.  The “AC Joint” or acromioclavicular joint is where the collar bone meets the shoulder. Maintaining mobility, keeping inflammation down and strengthening the muscles of the shoulder “complex” will reduce the likelihood of a shoulder injury. Common shoulder pain stems from bursitis, impingement, shoulder dislocation, ac joint separation and the dreaded “frozen shoulder”. Shoulder injuries often result from repetitive stress like pitching a baseball or adjusting chiropractic patients by hand.  Traumatic injuries would be accidents like a fall down the steps or running into another football player. Rehabilitation of the shoulder with physical therapy, chiropractic...

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Famous Musicians Make This Face After Seeing Dr. Lou!

May 30, 2017

Guitar hero, PHISH frontman and overall nice guy, Trey Anastasio with Dr. Lou

Musicians Love Dr. Lou – Chiropractor Guaranteed to have the focus of a master fiddler or pianist, Dr. Lou’s focus on the chiropractic adjustment is intense. Chiropractic adjustments must be performed specifically and with tremendous precision to do no harm and have the maximum positive impact on your nervous system. When top musicians travel through Maine and have issues, have had issues or need their regular chiropractic appointment, they call on Dr. Lou. Dr. Lou has over 15 years of experience working with musicians and their specific chiropractic needs. Musicians always make the same faces after their visits with Dr. Lou. Here are some examples.     Musicians love Dr. Lou. Ours is a small office with a big heart. All of our patients smile after their adjustments. There’s more to healthcare than pills and scalpels. We aim to touch people’s lives in ways that go beyond just the “treatment”.  Why is it important that Dr.Lou works with high profile musicians? Because his work must be flawless and in a very short time, Dr. Lou must show these performers that they can trust him to perform adjustments on them. It’s very important when choosing a chiropractor, to know that...

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Chiropractors wish you knew these secrets.

May 28, 2017

"If they knew what you knew, they would do what you do." ~Dr. Carl Cleveland III. Chiropractors wish you knew these things. This is an insider's scoop. Need help? Call the small office with a big heart. (207) 774-6251. Dr. Lou Jacobs - Chiropractor, Portland, Maine.

The more you know, the more amazing your potential! Every professional, whether they are a cardiologist, a chiropractor, a lawyer or a mechanic, has learned things that they wish others outside of the profession knew. The information is important, often life altering or has the potential to help you avoid significant suffering. I’ve had a lot of time lately to reflect on what chiropractors would want you to know. Here is a list of a few of the most important things that most people don’t know but should. According to the chiropractor. The first and most important thing is that your body is a self healing, self regulating organism. This healing and regulation is the responsibility of the brain. The brain is so important that it’s encased in solid bone to protect it’s ability to perform it’s duties. It is also the master processor of your world, the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) is the system in your body by which you experience life. Pressure on nerves (“Subluxation”) interrupts communication and hurts your health and adaptability. Chiropractors remove interference caused by spinal subluxation and function improves within your master control system. That’s a good idea whether you hurt...

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Do you have muscle rocks? Trigger Point Therapy.

May 23, 2017

Trigger Points and Fibromyalgia may be related. Get relief with trigger point therapy! Call for help today (207) 774-6251.

What’s a “Muscle Rock”? A muscle rock is a term coined by Dr. Lou to describe a knot of muscle  that feels like a rock. Trigger points, or knots of muscles, like the ones you feel in your upper trapezius muscles (shoulder area between your shoulder and neck), are inflamed, chronically tight muscles. The muscle tissue gets this way from an accumulation of stress. The stressors that most commonly causes trigger points are physical stress, like working at a computer, and mental stress that causes you to feel your neck and shoulders tighten. Trigger points are extremely common but are not normal. Trigger points can lead to bigger problems if trigger point therapy is not performed. Some sources even link fibromyalgia to the formation of trigger points. Trigger points will often lead to different types of pain depending on their location. Trigger points in the gluteal muscles or performs muscles may lead to pain down the leg of the same side, mimicking sciatica. Trigger points in the low back may also lead to a sciatica pain syndrome and may also lead to low back pain or vulnerability to a low back “flare up”.  Trigger points in the upper back,...

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Stress Management

May 6, 2017

Reduce and manage stress better. We can help you get control of your brain-body connection. Feeling off? There's a cause and we can identify it and help your body correct it. Call Dr. Lou today at (207) 774-6251

Stress management steps to help reduce the harmful effects of chronic stress. It’s simple. Reducing stress, managing stress better, decreasing anxiety, will all reduce your risk of the chronic diseases and dysfunction that so often results, in part, from stress induced inflammation. Don’t watch the news. The news is filled with negativity and things to worry about. Most of which will never effect your life or the lives of your loved ones. Turn it off. If you want news, read The ONION. Practice Mindfulness and let things go. Not worrying about things you need not worry about, requires that you can identify those things. You may need help with this. Start making a list of the things that cause the most stress and anxiety in your life. Evaluate that list and try to let go of those things on the list that your gut tells you are useless. Focus on the things that you can control. Stress and anxiety caused by worrying about a meteor threat or Kim Jong Un, will do you no good. Ask for help if you need it. Sometimes it’s hard to do things without help. Find a friend, therapist, or other third party who can...

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How Mental Stress Affects Your Body

Stress is bad. Don't be surprised when it gets you, just get help. Call Dr. Lou at (207) 774-6251. Chiropractor, Portland, Maine.

Mental stress changes the way your body works and feels. We’ve all felt it. Mental stress increases and we tense up. Sometimes the tension is in our shoulders, sometimes it’s in your low back, it can even affect your head, leading to a headache in your forehead or back of head. When I talk to patients about stress, I mention 3 primary types under which all stress falls. Physical stress, mental stress and chemical stress. This post is about mental stress, but as you will see, each type of stress increases the next and the snowball of body break down that results, just keeps growing. To use your shoulders as the example, as your muscles tighten under mental stress, there are chemical changes that occur. Histamines, prostaglandins and other inflammatory chemicals build up in the muscles. Chemical buildup in the muscles, if not dealt with,  lead to chronic inflammation, tissue dysfunction and pain. Mental stress causes physical stress (tension) that leads to chemical stress (inflammation) and that leads to pain. Pain leads to more mental stress, and the cycle continues on until the proper intervention is applied. Our lives are riddled with daily stress. For many, the levels of stress...

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