Does Back Pain During Pregnancy Lead To A C-Section?

January 16, 2019

Back pain during pregnancy may be a precursor to c-section.

Reduce your potential risk of an emergency c-section. Pain is your body’s way of alerting you of a problem. Some problems make labor and delivery even more difficult, which in turn leads to “fetal distress” at which point the doctor will order a c-section so that your baby is not “damaged.” Pelvis and low back pain, like all other warning signs, have causes. Some of these causes lead to dystocia, or difficult labor and delivery.  “Dystocia” or abnormal progress in labor is a common problem that is being looked at more closely as the incidence of C-Sections at some hospitals in the United States approaches 100%. Dystocia is also loosely defined as failure to progress during labor, lack of progressive cervical dilation or lack of fetal descent.  Before we look at the three most common causes of dystocia, lear about CPD and “abnormal progress”, both of which are common reasons that doctors give for the need for c-section. In many circles, CPD and “abnormal progress” are not legitimate reasons to have a c-section, ultimately it’s the parents’ call. Cephalopelvic distortion (CPD) is often blamed for dystocia and the need for a c-cection. CPD is a situation where the baby’s...

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How to use a foam roller on your back muscles.

January 15, 2019

Foam roller tips from Dr. Lou - Foam roller expert. Portland, Maine.

Using a foam roller on the muscles of your back is good. We humans are just like pasta dough. The more we knead and roll ourselves out, the softer and more adaptable we become.  (Learn how to make pasta dough with Dr. Lou) The majority of our patients have extremely tight muscles alongside the spine. Typically, the only way for them to make headway on “paraspinal muscle tension” is to get very frequent massages or to do something at home, like use a foam roller on a daily basis.  A quick stretch or massage a month is not going to do the trick. Muscle tone doesn’t change that easily, particularly when your daily activities are contributing to the tension in the first place (work, childcare, etc).   What does using a foam roller do for you? Using a foam roller improves blood flow to the muscle, tenderizes and loosens the muscle, it improves flexibility and reduces the risk of injury. It only takes a few minutes a day and it may have a profound impact on the health of the muscles of your back. But for the cost of the roller, it’s free. What does using a foam roller potentially...

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Up at 2 a.m. for your kids? Supermoms sometimes often at night.

January 7, 2019

We have experience helping parents sleep no expense to your child. (207) 774-6251

2 a.m. mom’s know who they are. ARE YOU A “2 a.m. MOM?” A 2 a.m. mom is one who is up at 2 a.m. because of a child. If you are reading this, you are a great parent. You may be up worrying or you may be up because the child is up and needs you. Either way, at some point during the night, your stress is heightened and your worry soars. Your mind races, longs for answers, you want to sleep but your child is more important than rest. If nothing else is certain about Sensory processing disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and the rest of the growing neurological disorders in children, one thing is for sure. They have strong and undeniable neurological components. The question is, what is the rest of the equation? What caused the nervous system to change? In an article published in the journal “Frontiers In Integrative Neuroscience,” in 2009, findings point to a host of potential contributors to Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) and children with both ASD and SPD. Many studies have shown that there may multiple causes, making the hunt for a single cause, all that more elusive. Many of...

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