Lifetime of ADHD medications for your kids? Try this secret “alternative.”

July 24, 2019

Creative ideas for helping your kids not need a lifetime of ADHD medications.

Are you concerned about your child being on ADHD medication for the rest of their life? Is your child taking medication for ADD or ADHD and you don’t want them on the drugs? Does your child have medically diagnosed ADD or ADHD? Did you know that the part of the brain that regulates emotion, insight, empathy, intuition, communication and body language is affected by chiropractic care? It’s called the Prefrontal Cortex. Kids with ADD and ADHD respond well to chiropractic care. NOT for back pain, instead, their brain responds to chiropractic adjustments! It’s like a brain “re-boot” much like when you reboot your computer to make it run smoother.     Experts Say ADHD Is A Lifelong Condition.  We often complain about “having” to do things for the rest of our lives. Working out, brushing our teeth, paying taxes. What if your child starts a medication and it changes their brain chemistry to the extent that they can’t chemically come off of the medication later in life. This often happens with anti anxiety medications, anti depressants, and other medications started at an early age. The NIH says “in general, we haven’t really found any adverse effect of long-term use.” In general? Haven’t...

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Dry Needling Near Me. Acupuncture For Pain Relief. Portland, Maine.

July 9, 2019

What is dry needling and what is it used for? Who does it? Who is the best professional to perform the procedure? Do your homework!

What is “dry needling”, what is it for, who can perform it? “Dry needling” is a somewhat common practice in Physical therapy and orthopedic offices, which uses acupuncture needles to reduce pain and tension in joints and soft tissue. Dry needling is a western medical approach, and not traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture as most people know it. Dry needling is a buzzword/legal term typically used by PT’s and other practitioners, most often who are not traditionally trained in Chinese medicine. Any acupuncturist or chiropractor licensed to perform acupuncture, can apply the same technique as “dry needling,” it is just a pain based application of acupuncture needles. For the Maine Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAAOM) stance on “dry needling”, click HERE In the state of Maine, chiropractors with 200+ additional hours of training and testing may receive a certification in what is called “chiropractic Acupuncture.” In other parts of the country, 200-300 hours allows them to be certified in “Acupuncture.” Chiropractic acupuncture is a legal term to be used to “identify” a chiropractor performing/licensed to practice acupuncture. The training is a stripped down version of TCM and acupuncture school – meaning that all the western medical sciences, human physiology, pathology,...

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Worried about your child’s future with ADD, ADHD, SPD, or ASD?

June 19, 2019

Follow the link to access the e-report and a sensory processing disorder questionnaire for you to fill out and have reviewed by Dr. Lou for free.

CREATING A SAFER, MORE CERTAIN FUTURE FOR YOUR CHILD WITH ADD, ADHD, AUTISM OR SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER. The number one concern among parents with child who has processing disorders, is their future. What will happen when they, the parents, are gone. Will the child be able to care for themselves? How much will need to have been saved for their care? Who will take care of them? How will they manage in their current state, but as an adult? It is these fears that drive parents to do everything they can to help their children reconnect, adapt and thrive, even if only a little bit. Sometimes the little bit is the difference between independence, relative independence or none at all. If you, the parent, can’t sleep at night because of worry for your child’s future, but you feel like you have tried everything, it may be time to look at the science from a different perspective.  CLICK HERE TO SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT! I would like to think, based on conversations with parents, that even a 1-5% improvement in a child’s function would make the child’s life dramatically better, and the parent’s worry decrease a bit. It’s hard enough...

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What would happen if your spine fell out?

May 20, 2019

What will you do if your spine falls out? What exactly does that mean?

Say what? When your spine falls out, life will be very unpleasant. Can you imagine, your spine falls out, eliminating protection of the spinal cord and spinal nerves at the same time your ability to stand upright is over? No more posture, no more flexibility, no more nerve control of everything from movement to digestion of your food. On an “unpleasant scale”, this is a 10 out of 10. The good news is your spine can’t “fall out.” The bad news is, it can degenerate, become fixated and immobilized, it can force you to hunch over after the pain of wear and tear sets it. Sound terrible? It is. We see it everyday. People come in with terrible pain and immobility, health issues and complaints. Their issues seemingly came out of nowhere, but that’s only because they didn’t feel them materializing. These are predictable problems from neglecting the spine. Forget the pain for a moment and consider the disability. Unable to work, unable to make dinner, unable to play with kids, grandkids, earn a living and care for your family. Unable to enjoy your retirement. This is not intended to scare you, it’s intended to warn you. Much like...

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Bell’s Palsy – One Reason You May Not Want To “Wait And See What Happens.”

May 14, 2019

Bell's palsy seems to benefit from acupuncture. Rather than sitting around to see what happens, take action today and try to speed up results. Call Dr. Lou at (207) 774-6251

Do you find “waiting to see what happens” to be as frustrating as most people do? Tired of waiting around, doing nothing, to see when your Bell’s palsy gets better? Do you want to be proactive? Bell’s palsy is a type of facial paralysis that impacts one side of the face and leaves it looking droopy. It makes it hard to close the eye on the affected side, makes it hard to drink from a cup, and it may dramatically impact one’s appearance. It often looks like the affected person has had a stroke. It is not a stroke though, it is caused by damage to the “facial nerve.” Acupuncture has been reported by many patients to have seemingly sped up the process of healing and improving function. Acupuncture may stimulate the facial and other nerves, as well as muscles, leading to a speedier gain of control over ones facial tone and movements. Despite being fairly rare at 200,000 cases a year in the U.S., Dr. Lou has worked with people with bell’s palsy dozens and dozens of times. The majority of the time, people notice a more rapid improvement than they were otherwise getting. The question is, are...

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If you miss this health opportunity today, you will NEVER have the chance for it again.

April 20, 2019

Nothing would make us happier than to help you live life to its fullest. Nobody lives forever, but some people live like rock stars.

If you miss this health opportunity today, you will NEVER have the chance for it again. In recent years the average American lifespan has been somewhere in the neighborhood of 78 years. That’s 28,470 days. When you do the math, it’s easy to calculate roughly how much time you have left if you are lucky. Now, we’re all the product of all of our lives decisions. “We are the sum of our parts.” You will never get this day back, you will never have the opportunity to start something good on this day, ever again. Late is always better than never, but early is much better than late. People who are struggling, suffering, hurting, not sleeping, depressed, frustrated, sick all the time, they, you, won’t get these days back. The opportunity fo today is not coming back. You will never again have the opportunity to call a chiropractor TODAY. There is a saying in Chinese, “Talk doesn’t cook the rice.” YOU have to TAKE ACTION, for things to happen. Thinking about it is only “potential energy.” Science has shown us that getting adjusted by a chiropractor impacts far more than just your back. Your brain, your nervous system, your spinal healthy,...

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Find the best pillow, without breaking the bank!

April 3, 2019

Get the best pillow without breaking the bank! It's the pillow & sleep position that matter, not the cost of the pillow!

WHAT’S THE BEST PILLOW TYPE FOR YOUR SLEEP POSITION THAT WON’T COST $100+?   The cost of the best pillow does not necessarily equate to a more supportive or better functioning pillow. More money doesn’t mean better. IF you sleep on your stomach, a thin pillow will be the best pillow. But you should know, this is the worst sleep position for your neck, head and shoulders. Stomach sleeping wrinkles your face, twists your neck and spine, puts pressure on spinal nerves and often leads to headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and even numbness in the arms. IF you are a side sleeper, a big square pillow that spans the distance from the bed to your ear, with your neck remaining straight, is the way too go! These pillows are expected to hold your head in a straight, neutral position when you are on your side in a fetal position. If you head is propped too far up or sinks down too far, the pillow is not what is best for your side sleeping position. The Best Option! IF you sleep on your back, a size appropriate contour pillow, memory foam or not, will support your neck and promote...

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4 Things To Do When Your Chiropractor Retires.

Is your chiropractor retiring? These four steps will get you to the help you need!

When your chiropractor retires, 4 easy steps will find you a new one. Chiropractors are more than doctors, they almost feel like family. When they retire, people are left with not knowing where to go. At first they feel irreplaceable, which they are, but if you look around carefully, you can usually find a chiropractor that you love to carry on the legacy of your retired chiropractor’s work! Here’s what you need to do to find the next chiropractic office that is the best fit for you: Get a recommendation from your retiring chiropractor. They know you well, they may know the best office for you! Take a tour of potential offices that you like the looks of. Call the office and kick the tires. Meet the staff and check out how they operate. Meet the doctor before you make an appointment. It’s important that you are able too make an informed decision regarding who you will entrust with your health. Meet them, question them, then judge them. Choose the doctor that resonates with you. Read reviews. Online reviews speak volumes. Real people, local people who have insight into your potential choice. Read them and listen to them, see...

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Healthier Teachers = Healthier Communities. Teachers Deserve More.

February 20, 2019

Teachers, Moms and Children are our top priority. (207) 774-6251

Teachers Deserve More.   While many say that a child’s greatest (or worst) education is at home, teachers mean the world to our families and our children. Despite fatigue, stress, wear, tear and premature aging, they relentlessly do their best to educate our children. It’s fair to say they do a great job, but when their health suffers, so does the community at large. My wife is a teacher. My father taught for over 40 years. My mother was a teacher. I was and am lucky enough to have teachers at home and at school. Not all kids are so lucky. The health of our children’s teachers directly impacts our homes and our communities. They deserve more. The four most important things in life are on the other side of this link. If you are a teacher, you are on vacation this week. Even though many of you are catching up on school work, it’s still a  rest from bending over, looking downward and hunching over students. Hopefully, you have a break from grading papers, the stress of children’s issues, a break from over concerned parents and juggling your own life at home with your life at school. Do you...

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3 common mistakes people make on the toilet that lead to back injuries.

February 7, 2019

Careful! Toilet injuries are real! We don't fix toilets but we can help your spine! (207) 774-6251.

Toilet Injuries Are Real! You read that right. Injuries occur on the toilet all the time. Below are a few things you can do to avoid injury while sitting on the toilet while doing your business. Don’t strain. Sounds obvious, but a lot of people hold their breath and push too hard. Not only can this lead to hemorrhoids, but if you are vulnerable, injuries to discs may occur with what’s called “increased intra-abdominal pressure.” Push too hard while holding your breath and “POP” you could end up with a disc herniation, bulging disc or other injury. It’s not common, but it’s possible.  You could also strain a muscle in the back, which can be really painful. Straining too hard can also lead to stroke. As many as 400 people a year die for various reasons while on the toilet. Be careful leaning forward to pick stuff up. Leaning far forward to pick up toilet paper, a magazine or your coffee, could lead to a strained muscle or other soft tissue injury in the low back. Don’t stress out over what comes out (or doesn’t come out). Anxiety around bowel movements is more common than you may think. The...

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