We have a new APP for that! It’s FREE! (and awesome)

January 27, 2023

Dr. Lou had an app created for you! 2023 is already so awesome! Our office app was designed in 2022 for launch in 2023 to not only help you get better results with your care, but to make your care at our office even more exciting and fun! IF you are not an active patient at our office, no problem! The app is for you too! Everyone can start using it right away! (Detailed Instructions below) The app has a lot of features that we want you to be familiar with so that you don’t miss out on anything. Once you download the app using the QR code to get to the app, you will find the checklist below helpful in navigating the buttons at first glance. The steps below will be in order from left to right and top to bottom on the front page of the app. About us – This tab links to our website “about us” page. Learn more about our current staff at this tab. Musicians – This tab is for musicians, and those of you who want to keep tabs on Dr. Lou’s work with musicians. Whether your musician friends live locally or around...

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Perry Farrell – 2020 Spine Surgery – Voicebox Removed!

January 26, 2023

Musicians and Neck Surgery Perry Farrell, lead singer of the iconic alt-rock band Jane’s Addiction, underwent surgery in 2020 for a cervical spine disc issue caused by years of head banging while on stage. The surgery, was a success and Farrell has since made what appears to be a full recovery Can Head Banging Cause Neck Damage? Yes. Of course it can. Head banging is like a series of mini whiplashes over the course of an entire concert. Muscle, ligament, and tendon sprain-strain injuries are most likely. In more longterm severe cases, herniated discs may manifest. It is important to think of consequences before engaging in an activity that could lead to long-term health issues and even surgical mishap disability, even death. “Consider Potential Consequences.” ~Dr. Lou If you don’t know the consequences or mechanisms leading to consequences, that’s what people like “Dr. Lou” are for. A large part of my consulting with musicians online is trying to avoid, or modify behaviors that could lead to unwanted long-term health issues and risk factors. Farrell had been dealing with spinal issues for some time, and the surgery was deemed necessary to alleviate the pain and discomfort he had been experiencing in his...

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Celine Dion – Stiff Person Syndrome – Dr. Lou

January 6, 2023

Stiff Person Syndrome

Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) Tremendous attention is being paid to “Stiff Person Syndrome” since the diagnosis for Celine Dion. To understand SPS, you must first understand how to flush a toilet. You see, as you apply pressure to the handle on the toilet, a small rush of water will begin to flow, and if you push harder, you’ll get even closer to the toilet flushing! More downward pressure on the handle takes you right to the very moment, the closest a moment can get, to flushing, without actually flushing. Nothing has flushed, and then you apply the lightest teensy-weensy bit of pressure and it pushes the handle over the edge, the floodgates open and the toilet flushes. Simply put, stress works the same way. More pressure and there are signs that the toilet will eventually flush, but it doesn’t flush just then. It’s not until there is just enough stress (pressure) to take you to the very moment, the closest a moment can get to being THE moment when your body shuts down. SPS is not fully understood. This means its cause is not fully understood. It is very rare, and more common in women. Stiff-person syndrome (SPS) is...

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Snap, Crackle, Pop! What is that “popping” noise?

The truth about cracking your knuckles. POP!

What is that Popping Sound? By the team at Haavik Research If you have been adjusted before by a chiropractor you may have noticed a popping sound, that may seem a little strange. Many people think all kinds of strange things about this popping sound, so let’s set the record straight. The popping sound is only the formation of gas within a joint, and it’s no more significant than any other gas release from the body. The popping sound does not mean that you’re getting arthritis. A number of studies have looked at people who have routinely cracked their knuckles for years and years and compared them to non-knuckle crackers to see if there’s any difference in x-ray images of their hands.(1) These studies all came back with the same conclusion. Habitual knuckle cracking over the course of several decades is not associated with clinical or radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis. Of course you could argue that the spine is part of your weight bearing system and hands are not, so you could ask can you really compare the two? But all the evidence that is available suggests that cracking joints has nothing to do with causing arthritis. The popping...

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