Drug Free Pain Relief During Recovery

February 18, 2021

The road to recovery is helped with drug free chiropractic and acupuncture care. For pain relief when drugs are not an option, call Dr. Lou. (207) 774-6251

Drugs, Alcohol, Addiction, Chiropractic and Recovery. Pain Relief without addictive medications. For those in recovery, pain relief is limited. Any medication with potential for addiction is skipped over for what are usually simple over the counter anti inflammatory pain killers like Aleve. Surgery and subsequent medications would be risky for a recovering addict, and it’s simply not an option. Why is chiropractic such an amazing tool for those in recovery? Chiropractors make up the third largest healthcare profession after medicine and dentistry. It is a drug free form of healthcare. The entire focus is on the health and function of the nervous system and it’s relationship with your spine and body. Your body has the potential to heal itself. For patients with headaches, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, neuralgia, disc herniations and a host of other issues that cause pain, chiropractic is an effective form of treatment without the use of drugs or surgery. Additionally, by contributing to better brain and nerve control of your body, chiropractic actually makes you healthier, more adaptable, mentally more clear. While little research has been done on the topic, theoretically, chiropractic care could aid in overcoming addiction. Your health depends on staying...

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Acupuncture for knee pain.

June 3, 2020

Acupuncture for knee pain works. Call Dr. Lou at Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture, where he has been using acupuncture and chiropractic care for knee problems in Maine for over 17 years. Call (207) SPINAL 1

What Should You Expect From Acupuncture For Knee Pain? Knee pain is a very common problem, with a large number of common causes. Foot and hip problems, ankle injuries,  degeneration in the knees, meniscus tears, ACL issues are all very common. When getting help for knee pain, you should expect the following from acupuncture and from the practitioner:  A thorough examination of the knees and other structures commonly associated with causing knee pain. A thorough discussion about your history and current activities that are stressful on not only the knees,  but structures and other joints commonly implicated in knee pain. Scanning,  testing and evaluation of your feet and ankles. These structures have a direct impact on knee alignment,  structure, wear and tear, and integrity. Tools and techniques should be given to you to reduce inflammation and stress in and around your knees. An anti-inflammatory diet and supplement protocol should be implemented and directed by your doctor. Structural issues that impact knees, like ankle, hip, pelvis and back problems should be addressed with structural alignment (adjustment) techniques. Acupuncture for knee pain should be directed at your knees from a “western medical acupuncture” approach,  as well as a traditional Chinese medicine...

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Dry Needling Near Me. Acupuncture For Pain Relief. Portland, Maine.

July 9, 2019

What is dry needling and what is it used for? Who does it? Who is the best professional to perform the procedure? Do your homework!

What is “dry needling”, what is it for, who can perform it? “Dry needling” is a somewhat common practice in Physical therapy and orthopedic offices, which uses acupuncture needles to reduce pain and tension in joints and soft tissue. Dry needling is a western medical approach, and not traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture as most people know it. Dry needling is a buzzword/legal term typically used by PT’s and other practitioners, most often who are not traditionally trained in Chinese medicine. Any acupuncturist or chiropractor licensed to perform acupuncture, can apply the same technique as “dry needling,” it is just a pain based application of acupuncture needles. For the Maine Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAAOM) stance on “dry needling”, click HERE In the state of Maine, chiropractors with 200+ additional hours of training and testing may receive a certification in what is called “chiropractic Acupuncture.” In other parts of the country, 200-300 hours allows them to be certified in “Acupuncture.” Chiropractic acupuncture is a legal term to be used to “identify” a chiropractor performing/licensed to practice acupuncture. The training is a stripped down version of TCM and acupuncture school – meaning that all the western medical sciences, human physiology, pathology,...

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Bell’s Palsy – One Reason You May Not Want To “Wait And See What Happens.”

May 14, 2019

Bell's palsy seems to benefit from acupuncture. Rather than sitting around to see what happens, take action today and try to speed up results. Call Dr. Lou at (207) 774-6251

Do you find “waiting to see what happens” to be as frustrating as most people do? Tired of waiting around, doing nothing, to see when your Bell’s palsy gets better? Do you want to be proactive? Bell’s palsy is a type of facial paralysis that impacts one side of the face and leaves it looking droopy. It makes it hard to close the eye on the affected side, makes it hard to drink from a cup, and it may dramatically impact one’s appearance. It often looks like the affected person has had a stroke. It is not a stroke though, it is caused by damage to the “facial nerve.” Acupuncture has been reported by many patients to have seemingly sped up the process of healing and improving function. Acupuncture may stimulate the facial and other nerves, as well as muscles, leading to a speedier gain of control over ones facial tone and movements. Despite being fairly rare at 200,000 cases a year in the U.S., Dr. Lou has worked with people with bell’s palsy dozens and dozens of times. The majority of the time, people notice a more rapid improvement than they were otherwise getting. The question is, are...

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Alternative Medicine Chiropractor in Portland, Maine – Dr. Lou

July 17, 2013

Alternative Medicine Chiropractor in Portland, Maine – Dr. Lou   Why would you possibly be searching for alternative medicine in Portland, Maine?  As you probably know, our healthcare system is faltering.  The United States is typically ranked between 35-40th in overall health among developed nations.  Our infant mortality rate is often ranked worse than Cuba.  We are sicker, more medicated and operated on more frequently than ever before.     America has the best medical schools, the best doctors, the best hospitals, the best research facilities, the most money spent on developing new systems, etc.  Despite all of this, we are not #1 in health.  Why is this?  It’s because the idea of what constitutes healthy is faulty.  In the U.S. if you are not sick, you are healthy.     What is the definition of “insanity”?  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, right?  Our medical system continues to do the same thing over and over again and we continue to become fatter, slower, more medicated and at higher risk of lifestyle related disease than ever before.   Alternative medicine, while great for some types of damage control and more acute care of...

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Allergy Medication Side Effects In Portland, Maine

July 1, 2013

Allergy Medication In Portland, Maine   If you live in or around Portland, Maine, you know this has been a pretty “allergic spring”.  People with allergies have been suffering this season.  Medications like Zyrtec and Claritin have what most consider unwanted side effects.  In addition to calling your doctor immediately if you have any of the following side effects, maybe you want to consider an alternative to the meds.  If you or someone you love is taking allergy medication in Portland, maine, read on….   Zyrtec side effects:   – fast, pounding or uneven heartbeat; – weakness, tremors, or sleep problems – restlessness or hyperactivity – confusion – problems with vision – less urination or no urination at all – dizziness and drowsiness – tired feeling – dry mouth – sore throat, cough; – nausea, constipation – headache (this is not a complete list, for that list, contact your medical doctor) -headaches occur 16% of the time   Claritin Side Effects:   – fast or uneven heart rate – feeling like you might pass out – jaundice (yellow skin or eyes) – seizures – nervousness – feeling tired or drowsy – stomach pain, diarrhea – dry mouth, sore throat,...

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3 1/2 Ways to eat like a Rock Star

June 12, 2013

3 1/2 Ways to eat like a Rock Star In all of my work with well known, successful musicians I have learned a bit about their diets as well as their lifestyles.  In this brief post I want to share with you a few things I’ve noticed about their diets.  While you may think that the lifestyle is all alcohol, cigarettes and lavish meals, here is what I’ve seen to be the reality.   1. Lots of vegetables.  Even rock stars on the road realize that veggies are good for you.  When life is good and you are blessed, you do what can to take care of your body and stay as healthy as possible.   2. Fish. Fish has been on the menu of every pre sound check dinner I’ve ever seen.  Light & healthy.   3. Tea.  Whether it’s to warm the pipes or just for the antioxidant benefit, tea is almost always on the list.   3.5 Supplements.  Most of these guys and gals are taking supplements to stay healthy while on the road.  Immune boosting formulas seem to be high on the list.   You don’t have to be a rock star to eat like...

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Portland, ME Acupuncture – Acupuncture for weight loss in Portland, Maine

July 6, 2012

Acupuncture For Weight Loss in Portland, Maine If you are interested in using acupuncture for weight loss in Portland, Maine, I have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that there is no magical acupuncture point for weight loss.  The good news is, Dr. Lou Jacobs is a weight loss expert who has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds. Other good news….Dr. Lou has used acupuncture to control will power, a function of the kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to help people lose weight. If you find yourself plateaued with weight loss, unable to make progress, frustrated with your results or you don’t know where to start, call (207) 807-1119 for information on weight loss coaching and/or the use of acupuncture for weight loss in Portland, Maine. If you need proof that Dr. Lou can help, follow this LINK for the gold at the end of the...

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Acupuncture in Portland, Maine – TOP 5 CONDITIONS – Acupuncture in Portland, ME

July 5, 2012

Top 5 Conditions Treated With Acupuncture in Portland, Maine There are many conditions treated with acupuncture in Portland, Maine.  At Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture Center in Portland, ME., we have seen 5 conditions this summer that out number all other requests.  And the top five are…… 1.  Allergies.  The combination of Chinese herbal therapies and acupuncture in Portland, Maine have a 90% improvement rate for allergies. 2.  Headaches.  Headaches of all types are treated successfully with acupuncture in Portland, Maine.  Migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches and others. 3.  Fatigue.  Fatigue has been especially common in women this summer. 4.  Perimenopausal symptoms.  Top 5 list all year ’round. 5.  Low back pain.  Top 5 list all year ’round. Having lived in China for 2 years studying language, cooking and the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Lou has spent more time in China than any other American born provider of acupuncture in Portland, Maine.    ...

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Healthy Gardening in Maine – Dr. Lou Jacobs – Gardening in Portland, ME

July 2, 2012

Heathy Gardening in Maine There is something truly beautiful in growing and eating food that you have taken the time and care to help survive and thrive. The connection to the earth becomes strong and rooted. Like many other activities worth doing, gardening can be taxing on the body as well. Injuries can occur while digging in the dirt. Here are five tips to lessen your risk of aquiring one: 1. Wear gloves to avoid cuts and scrapes, and to prevent bacteria and fungus that live in the soil from entering a wound. 2. Use tools with thick, padded handles to protect the smaller joints in your hands. Hold your wrist in a straight position to help prevent wrist and forearm injuries. 3. Use padding, a gardening stool, or bench instead of bearing all your weight on your knees, to lessen the pressure on your knee joints. 4. Use both hands while lifting and alternate hands on more repetitive tasks. 5. Take a break every hour or so, stretch, and switch to an activity that uses different parts of the body. Dr. Lou Jacobs, a chiropractor in Portland, Maine helps dozens of people each year who have suffered injuries while gardening.    Dr. Lou will answer your questions, solve your problems and listen to you.  Call...

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