How Mental Stress Affects Your Body

May 6, 2017

Stress is bad. Don't be surprised when it gets you, just get help. Call Dr. Lou at (207) 774-6251. Chiropractor, Portland, Maine.

Mental stress changes the way your body works and feels. We’ve all felt it. Mental stress increases and we tense up. Sometimes the tension is in our shoulders, sometimes it’s in your low back, it can even affect your head, leading to a headache in your forehead or back of head. When I talk to patients about stress, I mention 3 primary types under which all stress falls. Physical stress, mental stress and chemical stress. This post is about mental stress, but as you will see, each type of stress increases the next and the snowball of body break down that results, just keeps growing. To use your shoulders as the example, as your muscles tighten under mental stress, there are chemical changes that occur. Histamines, prostaglandins and other inflammatory chemicals build up in the muscles. Chemical buildup in the muscles, if not dealt with,  lead to chronic inflammation, tissue dysfunction and pain. Mental stress causes physical stress (tension) that leads to chemical stress (inflammation) and that leads to pain. Pain leads to more mental stress, and the cycle continues on until the proper intervention is applied. Our lives are riddled with daily stress. For many, the levels of stress...

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Cell Phones And Cancer – Use Your Brain.

May 30, 2016

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?   Despite recent reports the verdict still seems to be out on this issue. With high exposure do rats get tumors when exposed to cell phones? Yes. Does this mean humans will? No. But the world is not this cut and dry. While the question about cell phone safety is good, it’s not the best question. Understanding that there is value in knowing the dangers of cell phone exposure in a lab, it’s much more complicated than that. People will us the “we aren’t the same as rats and we don’t expose our brains to 9 hours of cell phone use a day.” Like with most misunderstandings by civilians about how the body works, thinking about the big picture is often lost. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with immeasurable physical, chemical and mental stress. We don’t live in a world where the only stress on our brain from cell phones. Whether it’s chemicals in medications, radiation or some form of electromagnetic energy that crosses our blood brain barrier or skeletal protection, it may all be adding up. The cumulative effect and how they interact with one another is what is ultimately most important and telling....

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Chiropractic and Cancer

May 2, 2014

Chiropractic and Cancer   What does chiropractic have to do with cancer?   Chiropractic as a healing art is founded on the scientific fact that the nervous system controls all of the healing, regulation and control of the body.  Chiropractors look to the spine because the brain’s communication network, the nerves, come through the side of the spine (through joints) to regulate, heal and control the entire body.  The spine has over 100 joints that allow for flexibility and movement but may also become misaligned and put pressure on nerves.   Pressure on nerves causes disregulation or decreased ability for the brain to communicate healing, controlling and regulating messages to the part of the body at the end of a compromised nerve.   Chiropractors do not treat cancer.  Chiropractic does help optimize nerve communication and removes interference by removing pressure on nerves through realigning the spine.  Improved communication leads to better healing, regulation and control over all of the body’s functions, including your body’s ability to deal with cancer, handle treatments, regenerate cells, absorb nutrients from your diet and the like.   A great diet may not cure cancer but it is much better for a body with cancer...

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