Who we are

February 13, 2009

Chaga Brand, LLC was incorporated in 2008 by brothers Dr. Lou Jacobs and Dr. Max Jacobs.  Both Chiropractors and Licensed practitioners of Chiropractic Acupuncture, they are longtime students of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medicinal Fungi.  Both Doctors grew up in Maine.  Dr. Lou lived in Beijing, China for two years while Dr. Max spent equal time in Oregon studying and foraging for medicinal and culinary mushrooms.  Together they created what is the most unique line of skin care and ingestible medicinal fungi products in the U.S.  Never has there been a more critical time in the health and well being of Americans.  Chaga Brand is here to fill part of the void. Chaga Brand manufactures its’ products in Wilton, Portland and Parsonsfield, Maine.  The medicinal fungi used in Chaga Brand products are currently wild harvested in Maine only.  The doctors themselves hand pick only the finest ingredients and personally supervise most of the production.  Chaga Brand celebrates the purity associated with being Maine made....

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This is Chaga Brand

Chaga Brand is a company based in Portland, Maine U.S.A.  We specialize in medicinal mushroom skin care products and ingestible tinctures. Our skin care products are one of a kind and use wild harvested Maine Chaga.  Our patients and customers have received tremendous results after using our products.  This blog exists to tell you about their experiences and about the products. our website is:  www.chagabrand.com The phone number at Chaga Brand is (207)...

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