Chronic Pain Solutions 5: Side effects are really just (less common) effects.

January 30, 2019

Technically speaking, aren't side effects really just effects? Some effects are less common than others, but they are still effects.

Side effects are not side effects. They are (less common) effects.  IF you’ve read the previous posts about chronic pain, you know that chiropractic is concerned with brain and nerve science, that the body heals itself, this healing is controlled by the brain, interference in the nerves called subluxation is bad, and correction of the interference in that system allows for the body to heal itself at maximum capacity. Side effects are a lie. They are a manipulation of words to make it sound like less likely effects of drugs don’t matter. They only “don’t matter” if you don’t have them. Side effects are effects. They are common with drugs and surgery, and while those are necessary at times, for chronic pain, they don’t often correct the cause in a way that sets you up for success. Research published in a number of medical journals has shown that chiropractic adjustments affect your brain function. Your prefrontal cortex, responsible for mood, emotions, mental organization, anxiety, stress, personality, environmental processing of people and situations, and a host of other functions are all often positively affected by chiropractic. In 2016, research was published in The Journal of Integrative Neuroscience that showed how chiropractic adjustments...

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Chronic Pain Solutions 4: Giving yourself a fair chance to heal.

January 29, 2019

Just because one doctor can't identify the cause of your problem, does not mean that you should give up. Getting a second or even third opinion about a chronic problem is a good idea. (207) 774-6251

Why should you bother with another chiropractor for your chronic pain? You have one life, don’t give up yet, try again. Why should you see a chiropractor if you’ve already seen one and seen every other provider known to man? Don’t give up, there’s reason to be hopeful. Much like Chinese restaurants in Maine, one that suits your needs is often very hard to find, the best one is out there, you just have to find them. Don’t stop seeking help for your chronic pain, just try something different. You can’t see what you aren’t looking for. Some chiropractors do what other doctors do. They focus on the pain. They focus on the symptom, which is the chronic pain. They try to apply electrical tape to the oil light in your car, masking the symptom but not addressing the cause adequately or at all.  Many pain medications that also mask the chronic pain, also have undesirable side effects like erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and a host of others. Is chronic pain depressing you to the point of taking anti-depressants? Those medications often lead to weight gain, adding another stressor to many people’s lives. Addressing the cause of the pain may lead...

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Chronic Pain Solutions 3: Regaining Control.

January 28, 2019

How to regain control of your body’s ability to heal chronic pain. Take a guess. What organ controls healing in your body? We discussed this in the last blog. What organ would be responsible for coordinating and activating the healing of your chronic pain? The answer is the brain. The brain sends messages through the nerves to heal injuries and illnesses, everything from broken bones to the flu. It’s not the cast or the theraflu that heals, it’s your body under the direction of the brain. There is a “life force” that living beings have that is required to heal. After all, dead people with cuts and broken bones won’t heal no matter how much medicine you pump into them. While this seems obvious, it’s often forgotten when it comes to dealing with chronic pain. Our body is meant to be healthy, it was designed to heal itself, the process though, needs to be unobstructed, without interference. When the brain’s control over healing is at it’s best, you have the best chance of overcoming chronic pain. The fact is, nerves and brain communication that is interfered with, is one contributor to chronic pain not healing. It’s often the missing...

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Chronic Pain 2: Why doesn’t my pain go away when other problems have?

January 27, 2019

What is interfering with the healing process and your chronic pain? Why is your healing impaired? To get answers, you need to stop trying to fix the pain, and start trying to fix the cause. (207) 774-6251

Why is healing and regulation of chronic pain in your body failing? What is causing the failure to heal chronic pain in your body? Since your chronic pain started, you’ve likely cut yourself, been sick or otherwise injured yourself in another way, in another location. It healed. Your body healed itself. Your body is designed to heal itself. Have you asked yourself why that problem (cut finger) healed but your chronic pain has not? The answer is may be that there is an obstruction, an interference that is preventing perfect healing from taking place. If a doctor finds that interference or obstruction, and corrects it, you should be able to heal. In order to understand obstruction and interference, you have to be aware of what is in control of healing the body. Your brain is the master controller of the body that organizes and implements the healing process throughout your body. In fact it’s in control of everything that happens in your body. Interference in brain control over the healing process often occurs with nerve irritation at the level of the spinal joints. This irritation decreases the brain’s capacity to heal. You experience this as chronic pain that never goes away, even...

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Chronic Pain Shrinks Your Brain. (this is bad)

Chronic pain always has a cause. If attempts have been made to treat the pain, without treating the cause, maybe it's time you find a doctor who looks at things from a different scientific perspective on healing. (207) 774-6251

Chronic pain always has a cause. Your inability to heal, may be “Interference.” Research has shown that we lose 1.3 cubic cm of gray matter for every year of chronic pain suffering! If you suffer from chronic pain, you’ve likely already seen every provider you thought could help you. They told you they could help you and they tried their hardest to help you feel no pain. The problem is, you are reading this, which probably means they failed. A problem can’t be fixed unless you find the cause or the impediment to healing. If the focus of “treatment” is the pain, that’s the equivalent of putting a sticker over the oil light in your car, and expecting the engine to fill itself with oil. The light (pain) is not the problem, it’s the helper, it’s the warning sign of a deeper problem. It’s your body’s way of alerting you to take proper action. Most pain medications reduce pain and/or inflammation. Failing to address the cause of the inflammation though, leaves the cause of the problem unsolved, and your pain returns. Chronic pain has been shown to take not only chemical tolls on the brain, but physical. Several studies have...

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Can a chiropractor help a herniated disc?

January 24, 2019

Sciatica pain during pregnancy is fairly common. Evaluation and correction of issues leading to sciatic pain is the job of the perinatal chiropractic specialist. Dr. Lou Jacobs, is that specialist and will prioritize your first visit to get you in as soon as possible. For the fastest service, Call Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic of Maine at (207) 553-7776 today!

A disc herniation does not always require surgery. Yes, there is a specific chiropractic technique called COX Flexion Distraction technique. This technique may help you avoid surgery. It is a nerve decompression technique that when utilized with consistency by the patient, helps to reduce the severity of a herniated disc or bulge, leading to less pressure on the nerves of the low back, which leads to fewer symptoms like pain, weakness, and numbness. If you have sciatica coming from pinched nerves in the low back, caused by a herniated disc, this technique is non-invasive, requires no medication and is very effective. Herniated discs and nerve compression, nerve symptoms are the chiropractors domain. By addressing the underlying causes, symptoms and function improve and you get back to your life and the things you love. Your body has the capacity to heal itself, but it requires no interference in the healing system of brain and nerves. Cox Flexion Distraction technique removes pressure on nerves, improving healing capacity, by addressing the underlying issue, in this case a herniated disc. If you are looking for a potential solution that is different than conventional therapies that you’ve likely tried and have not worked (you...

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Which Should I Do First, Chiropractic or Massage Therapy?

Who should you see first, the chiropractor or massage therapist?

Which should come first? Both chiropractic and massage therapy are great and extremely helpful, but they are very different. The focus of therapeutic massage is the function of muscles and fascia, their function, and their relationship with the rest of the body. Massage therapists use techniques to work the muscles to a state of better function The focus of chiropractic is correcting nerve interference due to spinal stress on the nerves, that allows for better brain-body, body-brain communication, resulting in better healing, better adaptation, and better health.\   As a general rule, chiropractors have more objective testing for the nervous system and neuro-muscular system. Massage therapists who are not also chiropractors, generally have far less training than a doctor of chiropractic. But that’s ok, they are very well trained to do their job as a massage therapist. That being said, A lot of information from a chiropractic examination will translate into valuable information for the massage therapist. A test commonly used in chiropractic offices is called a Surface EMG. It measures neuromuscular activity and electrical activity in the muscles of the back, much like an EKG does with the heart. This test and many others are valuable to both...

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Does Back Pain During Pregnancy Lead To A C-Section?

January 16, 2019

Back pain during pregnancy may be a precursor to c-section.

Reduce your potential risk of an emergency c-section. Pain is your body’s way of alerting you of a problem. Some problems make labor and delivery even more difficult, which in turn leads to “fetal distress” at which point the doctor will order a c-section so that your baby is not “damaged.” Pelvis and low back pain, like all other warning signs, have causes. Some of these causes lead to dystocia, or difficult labor and delivery.  “Dystocia” or abnormal progress in labor is a common problem that is being looked at more closely as the incidence of C-Sections at some hospitals in the United States approaches 100%. Dystocia is also loosely defined as failure to progress during labor, lack of progressive cervical dilation or lack of fetal descent.  Before we look at the three most common causes of dystocia, lear about CPD and “abnormal progress”, both of which are common reasons that doctors give for the need for c-section. In many circles, CPD and “abnormal progress” are not legitimate reasons to have a c-section, ultimately it’s the parents’ call. Cephalopelvic distortion (CPD) is often blamed for dystocia and the need for a c-cection. CPD is a situation where the baby’s...

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Up at 2 a.m. for your kids? Supermoms sometimes often at night.

January 7, 2019

We have experience helping parents sleep no expense to your child. (207) 774-6251

2 a.m. mom’s know who they are. ARE YOU A “2 a.m. MOM?” A 2 a.m. mom is one who is up at 2 a.m. because of a child. If you are reading this, you are a great parent. You may be up worrying or you may be up because the child is up and needs you. Either way, at some point during the night, your stress is heightened and your worry soars. Your mind races, longs for answers, you want to sleep but your child is more important than rest. If nothing else is certain about Sensory processing disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and the rest of the growing neurological disorders in children, one thing is for sure. They have strong and undeniable neurological components. The question is, what is the rest of the equation? What caused the nervous system to change? In an article published in the journal “Frontiers In Integrative Neuroscience,” in 2009, findings point to a host of potential contributors to Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) and children with both ASD and SPD. Many studies have shown that there may multiple causes, making the hunt for a single cause, all that more elusive. Many of...

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2019 Goal Setting. It’s not too late!

December 31, 2018

Dr. Lou will help you succeed in 2019!! Call Dr. Lou today! (207) 774-6251

It’s not too late! Set your goals for 2019! It’s not too late to make goals for the new year. There’s one day left to get started before the actual start of the year. Here are a few steps to setting goals in less than 20 minutes: Focus on 5 goals. One health goal (like losing weight, getting stronger or quitting smoking). One family goal (like listening better or spending more time playing with kids). One money goal (like paying down debt, saving or investing). One happiness goal (like cooking, or traveling more). One skill growth goal (like practicing guitar). After you’ve identified the goals, it’s time to list all the things you’ll need to get you there! Next, you want to set a timeline, a date for accomplishing each goal. And after that, you need to break down how much time each week needs to be dedicated to each goal to reach your goal by the date you’ve specified. It’s a practice of reversed engineering. Make sure that your goals, date fo completion and time invested each day or week are not only possible but add up in a doable way. Resolutions are important. Not because they start...

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