Chiropractic and Martial Arts – A Portland, Maine Perspective

May 17, 2016

The Salubrious Dr. Lou Martial Arts & Chiropractic   Martial Arts & Chiropractic go hand in hand. Here’s why.   All martial arts are physically and mentally demanding. Focus, speed, flexibility, control, spacial awareness, reflexes, muscle memory, physical resilience and a host of other qualities come in to play. These often simultaneously demanding requirements are all controlled by the brain. The brain is your master controller, the hard drive and server of your human computer network. Control and communication to all cells of the body must be optimally functional for you to get the most out of your body. This is true whether you are practicing MMA, Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Jukado, Karate or Aikido.   Because of the physical and mental demands and even physical abuse you put your body through to learn a martial art, things get thrown out of whack. When your body gets jarred around, subluxation of the spine often results. Subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that leads to nerve irritation and results in decreased nerve communication. This interference decreases function in the areas that the nerves control. If those areas happen to be your feet, legs, neck, hips, stomach, adrenal glands or other...

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Portland, Maine PCP – “Primary Chiropractic Provider”

May 9, 2016

What is a Primary Chiropractic Provider?   A primary chiropractic provider (PCP) is the doctor of chiropractic that you have chosen to create a longstanding relationship with. This is the chiropractor is the one who you see regularly or one that you have waiting on the sideline for when you need them the most.   Does a primary chiropractic provider do anything other than chiropractic? Primary Chiropractic Providers are not medical doctor PCP’s. They only perform services that are within their scope of practice as a chiropractor and are not to be confused with a primary care physician.    How do you find a PCP? You interview them. If you like them, make sure that you state your expectations from the beginning. Tell them what you want and what you hope to achieve. Explain your goals, your history and your expectations not only regarding care, but also of the chiropractor. This type of up front communication leads to the chiropractor being able to create a salubrious plan for you that will fit your lifestyle and goals.   In our office we have people of all types. Some come only for pain relief, others come regardless of how they feel....

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The Salubrious Dr. Lou | Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251

May 4, 2016

The Salubrious Dr. Lou   In the wake of Johns Hopkins University reporting a study they did on the risk of medical care, people are reevaluating how they prevent illness and injury. They are even going one step further to consider how they should promote health. In the U.S., the third leading cause of death is medical errors. Keep in mind, the 250,000 people a year reported in this study do not include people who would have died because of their condition. These are blatant medical errors. That’s 700 medical error deaths a day or 9.5% of U.S. deaths annually. Operations, prescription drugs, communication errors and a few other big ones are to blame.   Medicine focuses on diagnosing and treating disease. Chiropractic focuses on the creation of health. How does chiropractic do this? It does it through optimization of the regulation of your body and making you ready for what life throws at you! Proper brain and nerve control is essential for optimal body function. Whether it is your immune system, digestion, blood pressure or any other bodily function, your brain is the master controller. Your brain controls things through the nerves that come out of the spine. Spinal...

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Dr. Lou Thinks He’s An Italian Grandmother – Portland, Maine Chiropractor

November 4, 2014

     Dr. Lou is an Italian Grandmother!?   Dr. Lou has come to the conclusion that what separates Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture in Portland from all other offices in the area is that “JCA” is exactly like an Italian grandmother. Below are some reasons why.   1. We worry. We love our patients and we will worry about you.   2. We may bring you food. Our office often has home made snacks, treats and food for the taking.   3. We are always here for you. Our patients have Dr. Lou’s cell phone number. We are here for you       24/7.   4. Coffee. Come and enjoy a Lavazza espresso.   5. A clean house.  We keep the office organized and running smooth for you.   6. A promise is a promise.  If we say we’ll do something, we will.  We always follow through.   7. Biscotti and chocolate.   8.  Hugs available upon request.   9. Our doors are always open for you and your friends.   10. We understand that when you are full of love in your heart, your body will heal faster.   11. We will send you a birthday card and give...

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Body Chemistry – Chiropractic – Portland, Maine – Bucharest, Romania

September 3, 2014

The Importance Of Body Chemistry. Portland, Maine Dr. Reggie Gold was one of the most influential chiropractors of all time.  Dr. Golds’ ability to explain chiropractic in a clear and understandable way was unparalleled.  Though this video is old, the message remains true today.  Not much has changed in the way of basic understanding of basic neurophysiology and body chemistry.   If you live in Portland, Maine, you need to know that your chiropractor is taking more in to consideration than just your back pain, you need to consider body chemistry.  Sure, back pain is helped by chiropractic but it is just one of many issues that chiropractic can help you with.  Subluxation or misalignment of the spine that interferes with nerve communication from the brain may have much further reaching influence that you know, it can effect your body chemistry.  In fact, subluxation is often present without any pain, leading to a silent decline of one’s regulatory mechanisms and health capacity.  Your entire body chemistry is controlled by the brain through communication through the spinal cord and spinal nerves.   In this video featuring Dr. Gold, you will learn about your body chemistry, how bad chemistry leads to...

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Alternative Medicine Chiropractor in Portland, Maine – Dr. Lou

July 17, 2013

Alternative Medicine Chiropractor in Portland, Maine – Dr. Lou   Why would you possibly be searching for alternative medicine in Portland, Maine?  As you probably know, our healthcare system is faltering.  The United States is typically ranked between 35-40th in overall health among developed nations.  Our infant mortality rate is often ranked worse than Cuba.  We are sicker, more medicated and operated on more frequently than ever before.     America has the best medical schools, the best doctors, the best hospitals, the best research facilities, the most money spent on developing new systems, etc.  Despite all of this, we are not #1 in health.  Why is this?  It’s because the idea of what constitutes healthy is faulty.  In the U.S. if you are not sick, you are healthy.     What is the definition of “insanity”?  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, right?  Our medical system continues to do the same thing over and over again and we continue to become fatter, slower, more medicated and at higher risk of lifestyle related disease than ever before.   Alternative medicine, while great for some types of damage control and more acute care of...

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Rock Stars Sleep on Buses

June 24, 2013

Don’t Sleep Like A Rock Star   Don’t sleep like a rock star, sleep like they would want to be sleeping, like that of a mere mortal.  Many tour buses have one queen size bed, not enough for an entire band or even half a band.  Tour buses are also equipped with smaller than a twin size mattress bunks that run parallel to the direction of the bus.  Cramped, guarded sleeping leads to issues.  Worn out old mini mattresses lead to issues.     One of the most common complaints I hear from traveling musicians is that the beds on the bus are terrible. It is very difficult to comfortably sleep in the coffin like bunks.  1-2 day breaks from touring allow for overnights in hotels but the bus is the primary home for the months spent on the road.     One of the reasons I am most often called in to treat musicians is for aches related to poor sleep.  Poor sleep equals poor performance and they know it.  Because their livelihood depends on great performances, touring musicians will often call on me prior to injury or pain because they know that the beds, among other stressors...

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3 1/2 Ways to eat like a Rock Star

June 12, 2013

3 1/2 Ways to eat like a Rock Star In all of my work with well known, successful musicians I have learned a bit about their diets as well as their lifestyles.  In this brief post I want to share with you a few things I’ve noticed about their diets.  While you may think that the lifestyle is all alcohol, cigarettes and lavish meals, here is what I’ve seen to be the reality.   1. Lots of vegetables.  Even rock stars on the road realize that veggies are good for you.  When life is good and you are blessed, you do what can to take care of your body and stay as healthy as possible.   2. Fish. Fish has been on the menu of every pre sound check dinner I’ve ever seen.  Light & healthy.   3. Tea.  Whether it’s to warm the pipes or just for the antioxidant benefit, tea is almost always on the list.   3.5 Supplements.  Most of these guys and gals are taking supplements to stay healthy while on the road.  Immune boosting formulas seem to be high on the list.   You don’t have to be a rock star to eat like...

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Tuesday Morning Wiper Blade Sensor And The Flat Tire…

June 11, 2013

The Rain in Maine Falls Mainly On The Head Of Portland. My flattening tire that was waiting for me with a little yellow light on my dashboard was nothing unusual for a Tuesday morning.  I was just happy that my windshield wiper sensor and dashboard controls were working. My dash touch screen worked and I was able to tap my way to WMPG within seconds.  I was dry and cozy on my way to work only periodically wondering what would happen if my low tire decided to spontaneously explode at 60mph on a bridge.  It didn’t happen and the thoughts were surrounded by love of rain, technology and a comfortable body.   Automotive technology abounds and there is something comforting about a dry place with lots of windows while it’s pouring outside.  All that technology pales in comparison to the performance of our own body.  Did you know that the average speed of nerve conduction is 120mph and it gets up to 250mph in some nerve fibers?  Your brain is moving your eyes over this text effortlessly and at speeds that should blow your mind and inspire awe.  Compromise that connection though and performance decreases.  Spinal inflammation and misalignment...

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3 Reasons You Should Eat Salad, Yes Salad, For Breakfast.

May 20, 2013

3 Reasons You Should Eat Salad For Breakfast   A good dose of BS (breakfast salad) each morning is valuable in a number of ways.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, get more vitamins, eat differently or have more energy, BS is a potential solution for you.   I don’t only recommend the BS, I live it.  Every night I throw a medium size container of salad together, twice, so that I have 2 salads for the next day.  Spring mix, avocado, a scallion, cucumber, baby carrots and some tomato. Another container holds my self made vinaigrette.  I’ve tested this breakfast many times and I only regret NOT doing it.   1. BS leaves you feeling less heavy.  The difference between a breakfast with eggs, meat, toast and juice when compared to BS is huge.  I just ate some BS and I feel full but I feel light, not weighted down by oils, fats and chemicals from processed meats.   2. BS starts the day off right – Mentally and Physically.  Ever had a rough Monday morning and it takes at least a day for your week to get on track?  BS starts your day off right, you...

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