Chiropractor- Portland Maine

August 24, 2010

Doc encourages mustache growth to fight cancerBy Betty Jespersen, Special to the Sun JournalPublished Aug 11, 2010 Dr. Lou Jacobs, a Farmington native and Portland-based chiropractor, is encouraging men to grow mustaches to raise money for cancer research. – submitted photoGrowing a mustache to raise awareness of cancer is an odd thing to do, but Dr. Lou Jacobs is hoping the idea is quirky enough to catch on. The Farmington-born chiropractor and acupuncturist with a busy practice in Portland sports a waxed, handlebar mustache that he started growing when his mother, Patty, was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer last year. A runner and locally known volunteer in Farmington, she died in May of complications from the aggressive disease. Now his father, Bert, a psychology professor at the University of Maine at Farmington, has contracted leukemia and is scheduled to have a bone-marrow transplant later this month. “At first, I grew it as a joke and Mom thought it was funny,” Lou Jacobs said Monday. “She kidded around and said she would have preferred I had been a clown rather than a chiropractor.” He had contemplated organizing the mustache-growing fundraiser when his mother was still alive, but it wasn’t the...

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(CNN) — The global H1N1 pandemic is over

August 10, 2010

Brilliant. If ever there has been a time to question the CDC and WHO it is now. How ever was such a brilliant team of scientific minds compiled, with such impartiality no less, to monitor the health and safety of the U.S. and world. The swine flu is over? Remind me please when it even started. Oh, right after all the vaccines were made, that’s right. How many died in the U.S.? Don’t remember? Why not? Have you read what Steven Slater of jet blue fame said over the intercom before he grabbed a few beers and jumped out of the plane onto the escape slide? Insert his comment here ______________________________ and address it to WHO and the CDC from me, please. It is as much the responsibility of national and global health organizations to protect us from disease as it is to protect us from the healthcare system itself. (CNN) — The global H1N1 pandemic is...

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Breast Cancer without a warning lump – Inflammatory Breast Cancer

May 31, 2010

The breast cancer without warning signs (originally written for Best Ever You Magazine by Dr. Lou Jacobs. May 2010) Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is a rather uncommon but very aggressive form of breast cancer that presents without the presence of a lump. IBC occurs in 1-5% of breast cancers in the U.S.. Women in their late 50’s and early 60’s are most commonly affected. The prognosis for people with IBC is quite poor with a 5 year survival rate between 25% – 50%. True Story Our mother was an athletic marathon runner for much of her life. Mum never smoked and generally ate very well. She had a degree in health education. She was very much a down to earth, organic health nut. In her mid to late fifties she began to gain a bit of weight but was still active. She received routine mammograms and examined her breasts regularly as instructed. Last August she noticed that the skin around the nipple of her right breast was odd looking. This was a week or two before her yearly mammogram. She went to the doctor, they gave her antibiotics to rule out mastitis and the inflammation did not go away....

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Coffee Drinkers Rejoice!!!

May 10, 2010

I have always touted coffee as a healthy drink for most people. Much of the information on the health benefits of coffee has been around for some time now. People haven’t listened until now. Studies have shown that coffee consumption can reduce the risk of certain ailments and diseases. Cases of Type II Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Dementia and Alzheimers are all seemingly reduced in coffee drinkers. Coffee consumption also helps with weight reduction. This does not mean if you drink coffee that you won’t get cancer, it just means you’ll likely be better off with coffee than without. Chlorogenic acid as well as quinnic and caffeic acids play a major role in the protection of your body. Chlorogenic acid is a phytonutrient responsible for prevention of diabetes and weight loss. It may also be found in supplement form as an extract of green coffee beans. Roasting the beans is said to reduce the amount of chlorogenic acid by up to 70%, but rest assured that if you are drinking 4-5 cups a day you are receiving a decent dose of the good stuff. Quinnic and Caffeic acids contain high levels of Anti oxidants and have received an Oxygen Absorbance...

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Spine Transplant

April 20, 2010

If your teeth rot you can have some made for you. If your liver fails you can wait in line for a new one. If your hip degenerates, you can replace it. Can you get a spine transplant? How about some new nerves? There is no such thing as a spine transplant and nerves don’t generally re-grow or transplant well. One of the few systems in the body that has no transplant or decent surgical options is the spine and nervous system. It is critically important to care for these systems through the utilization of consistent chiropractic care. If it makes sense to regularly brush your teeth, it stands to reason that regular chiropractic spinal adjustments should be part of your healthy lifestyle as well. Best Wishes,Dr....

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