Mustache ideas for participants

August 25, 2010

Mustache photos. Please (try) to ignore Mel Gibson as you pass through these! MSFC does not in any way endorse him, his actions or his mouth. Link to LA...

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Dr. Lou always said “Take your Vitamin D”

August 24, 2010

It’s no news or secret that vitamin D is critical for your body. It’s also old news that those of us living in the northeast miss out on vitamin D production from the sun during the winter. Supplementing with Vitamin D also has an impact on your risk of acquiring certain diseases. Research is suggesting that Cancer is one of those illnesses. I would highly recommend the book “The Vitamin D Solution” Read More on Vitamin D and...

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Join the Fight with Dr. Lou

I was recently asked “who can join the mystache fights cancer fight?” The answer is anyone. Male or female, young or old. It makes no difference. You don’t have to grow a mustache, beard or hair and you don’t have to shave it either. You don’t even need to have facial hair. The key is letting people know that they can support the cause. The cause is fighting cancer on a local and national level with an emphasis on prevention and management of the disease. We welcome everyone’s support. Whether you set up a personal fundraiser page or just donate $1. Any help is gratefully accepted. Please visit for more...

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Chiropractor Chiropractic Portland, Maine

Doc encourages mustache growth to fight cancerBy Betty Jespersen, Special to the Sun JournalPublished Aug 11, 2010 12:10 pm Dr. Lou Jacobs, a Farmington native and Portland-based chiropractor, is encouraging men to grow mustaches to raise money for cancer research. Growing a mustache to raise awareness of cancer is an odd thing to do, but Dr. Lou Jacobs is hoping the idea is quirky enough to catch on. The Farmington-born chiropractor and acupuncturist with a busy practice in Portland sports a waxed, handlebar mustache that he started growing when his mother, Patty, was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer last year. A runner and locally known volunteer in Farmington, she died in May of complications from the aggressive disease. Now his father, Bert, a psychology professor at the University of Maine at Farmington, has contracted leukemia and is scheduled to have a bone-marrow transplant later this month. “At first, I grew it as a joke and Mom thought it was funny,” Lou Jacobs said Monday. “She kidded around and said she would have preferred I had been a clown rather than a chiropractor.” He had contemplated organizing the mustache-growing fundraiser when his mother was still alive, but it wasn’t the...

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More Press!

August 23, 2010

Stay tuned for more press!This wednesday we’ll be featured in the “close to home” section of the press herald.Next monday Dr. Lou will be at NBC Ch6 taping an interview for the news.FOX news has given the thumbs up for a monthly spot with Dr. Lou and Dr. Inhorn. More to...

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Mascot – by Pattie DeMaria

August 19, 2010

Just when I thought today couldn’t get any better, Pattie brought in a Mustache Mascot that she made herself. It’s a real gem. The mini Dr. Lou is our in house fund raiser for mystache fights...

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Oregon Wild Hair Enterprises

August 18, 2010 I found myself with an empty tin of Oregon Wild Hair Mustache Wax. With 2+ inches of handlebar bilaterally, I can’t really do without it. Without wax I look more like a walrus than a man with a handle bar. I wax the mustache once a day. Every morning. It generally lasts the rest of the day unless I wash it out. Yesterday was the end of my supply. I knew that I had a shipment on the way as part of my sponsorship from OWHE. The problem was, it hadn’t come yet and all I had at home to groom the stache was a bottle of olive oil and a tube of cherry chapstick. Neither appealed to me. This morning, for the first and hopefully last time, I waxed with chapstick. It tasted and smelled horrible, didn’t hold together well and it made my coffee taste like a candle. By late morning my package from Mark & Susan, owners of OWHE had arrived. In it, enough moustache wax to last a year. They also included two wonderful coffee mug/Beer mugs. Thursday, August 18, 2010 was a great day in Portland,...

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