April 1, 2020

Stay Positive! Stay Healthy! April 2020 at JCA

IMPORTANT OFFICE UPDATE – March 31, 2020 EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Hours & Scheduling: Moving forward at JCA we will continue to maintain hours from 9am – 11am. I will continue to be the only present staff member at the office. As of the first of April 2020, I will be allowing only one patient at a time, by special appointment, into the office for their care. We ask that you kindly wait in your car until waved in by me. I will be welcoming you through the front door based on your scheduled appointment order, not in the order that you arrived in the parking lot. Children: If you are bringing your child with you, do not leave them in the car if they are too young to stay there. Bring them in, they can wait for you in a chair. The “Kids room” is closed for the time being, but your children are welcome. If you arrive and see children leaving the office, expect a couple extra minute delay so that I can clean after the children. Precautions: You are asked to wear a mask if you have one, to disinfect your hands and above the wrist prior to...

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Fear of Dying of COVID-19. Turn Fear Into POWER!

March 24, 2020

Turn your fears into a growth opportunity by continuing healthy practices after the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Are you afraid of dying of corona virus? How fear can lead to power and greatness! The fear is real. People are scrambling to preserve their health. They are afraid of getting sick, spreading it, and hurting people. Why are you staying at home? Why are you wearing a mask? Why are you afraid for your children’s future? The mistake we make. Many people have a hard time with death. I do too. It’s understandable, but it requires reflection. We will all die. It could be in a car accident, a stray bullet or a virus. It could happen tomorrow or 50 years from now, we have no idea when our time will come. Why are we more afraid when death seems more likely? It’s no more likely now than later, it’s just sooner. I understand why that is unsettling, anxiety-producing, even immobilizing.  Our real fear is loss of health, pain, loss of life, loss of loved ones. A recent scare. I recently had a health scare that I have made public. I am ok, but I truly believed, as rational or irrational as it may have been, that I was going to die. The only thing that mattered...

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Chiropractic Care During The COVID-19 Crisis

March 23, 2020

Call (207) SPINAL 1

NEW RULES For the mental and physical health of our current patients, I am offering very limited hours  in the upcoming weeks. The threat of corona virus, while very real, is also accompanied by a great deal of mental stress and consequently, physical strain, dysfunction, and discomfort. Mental stress and a sustained fight or flight response negatively affect your immune system and make you more vulnerable to poor health of all kinds. The stress of our current situation, for some, will be worse than the virus itself. Additionally, for those who need to support and care for their families at this time, there is no room for the physical break down of one’s back, neck, shoulders, hips, arms or other body parts, including the mind, needed to be able to care for them. It is our duty to you, your family and our community to keep things going as long as we remain hyper-vigilant and safe with measures to stay virus-free. We are torn between many aspects of doing what is right for the greater good, but we will continue to follow statistics, science, government mandates and local reality to decide what to do on a daily basis. March...

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Chiropractic Care at JCA and COVID-19 in Maine

March 15, 2020

Your resource for proactive care during the 2020 COVID-19 scare. Chiropractic, acupuncture, marinara and live video exercise instruction are not canceled. Open until the government tells us to close. We serve the people in good times and bad.

Dear Patients, families of patients and future patients, Our office is dedicated to health and safety. During this time of heightened precaution, we will be following guidelines set forth by the CDC and local and national government agencies. We are certain that with proper precautionary measures and safe practices in general, your care at this office will need no interruption unless you are experiencing symptoms of illness. Until healthcare facilities like ours, dentist offices, podiatrists, physical therapists, and private medical facilities are forced by the government or CDC to close, our office will remain open to serve in clinically appropriate capacities, both in-person and online. To be clear, our office will remain open only as long as we feel it is safe for our staff and you and your family to drive here, receive care and get home with the most minimal risk of exposure to anything. We understand that there is a great deal of panic, stress, and misinformation right now over this issue. Our goal is not to add to that panic, stress or misinformation, but rather, to let you know that you are safe with us and that our office is here to promote your health...

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Dr. Lou’s story about his EMG.

March 13, 2020

Dr. Lou shares his EMG experience. #empathy

Dr. Lou’s EMG experience. Dr. Lou’s New & Improved Empathy. Recently, in an effort to rule out serious neurological disease, I finally had an appointment today with a neurologist, who performed an exam and EMG on me. For many, the thought of this test makes them stressed, scared, concerned and fearful of the outcome and pain of the test. I was extremely concerned about the results. I now have a new appreciation, understanding and empathy for those who need this, and other tests for serious disease. What does the test consist of? During the test, one or more small needles (also called electrodes) are inserted through the skin into the muscle. The electrical activity picked up by the electrodes is then displayed on a monitor. EMG measures the electrical activity of muscle during rest, slight contraction and forceful contraction. Muscle tissue does not normally produce electrical signals during rest. When an electrode is inserted, a brief period of activity can be seen on the oscilloscope, but after that, no signal should be present. (Source: Depending on the results of conductivity, the doctor may be able to diagnose and/or rule out, certain conditions of the nervous system. When indicated, I...

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What is a Spinal Disc? Dr. Lou Jacobs – Chiropractor Portland Maine

December 30, 2019

Spinal Discs

Discs Are Shock Absorbers. There are 23 discs in the spine. The discs have a rugged outer shell of sorts, the interior is soft and flexible. The discs are similar to the gum we had as kids with the thick liquid center. Discs need hydration. At birth, the disc is 80% water. Over a lifetime, hydration is critical for the health of the discs. When discs are under stress and poorly hydrated, they accumulate damage faster. They degenerate, herniate and debilitate (you). Discs are somewhat rubbery but firm.  When discs compress and lose their height under stress, nerves, joints, and bones become compressed. Blood vessels, lymphatic tissue, ligaments, and tendons become compressed too. You actually lose height over the course of the day, because of compression of the discs. When you sleep at night, your spine DEcompresses. With more spinal stress, there is more compression. More compression leads to more damage. Age is only a partial factor, a young ski jumper may have more spinal damage than a much older swimmer.   What is the difference between a disc bulge and a disc herniation? A disc bulge is a small protrusion of the disc that may begin to take...

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What is the spine? Dr. Lou Jacobs – Chiropractor Portland, Maine

December 20, 2019

What is the spine?

Why do you have a spine? The spine serves several functions. Protection. The spine protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord, which is the primary communication pathway from the brain to the rest of the body, is protected by the bones of the spine. Like the brain that is protected and encased by solid bone, it is so protected because of it’s importance. Support. The spine supports the upper body. Like a pillar made of many bones and joints, it bears a great load. Movement & Flexibility. Bending, lifting, extending, turning, looking at your child, gazing at the stars, making love, and reading books are all possible, because of flexibility and movement in the spine. There are 24 vertebrae in the spine, a sacrum, and the coccyx. There are over 120 joints of the spine, over 200 ligaments and tendons. There are discs between each of the vertebrae. There are 7 vertebrae in the neck, 12 in the mid-back, and 5 in the low back. All regions of the spine allow for movement in specific ways. The discs of the spine are tough. With longterm stress or acute trauma, discs may be damaged, which may result in bulging or...

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3 common mistakes people make on the toilet that lead to back injuries.

February 7, 2019

Careful! Toilet injuries are real! We don't fix toilets but we can help your spine! (207) 774-6251.

Toilet Injuries Are Real! You read that right. Injuries occur on the toilet all the time. Below are a few things you can do to avoid injury while sitting on the toilet while doing your business. Don’t strain. Sounds obvious, but a lot of people hold their breath and push too hard. Not only can this lead to hemorrhoids, but if you are vulnerable, injuries to discs may occur with what’s called “increased intra-abdominal pressure.” Push too hard while holding your breath and “POP” you could end up with a disc herniation, bulging disc or other injury. It’s not common, but it’s possible.  You could also strain a muscle in the back, which can be really painful. Straining too hard can also lead to stroke. As many as 400 people a year die for various reasons while on the toilet. Be careful leaning forward to pick stuff up. Leaning far forward to pick up toilet paper, a magazine or your coffee, could lead to a strained muscle or other soft tissue injury in the low back. Don’t stress out over what comes out (or doesn’t come out). Anxiety around bowel movements is more common than you may think. The...

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Which Should I Do First, Chiropractic or Massage Therapy?

January 24, 2019

Who should you see first, the chiropractor or massage therapist?

Which should come first? Both chiropractic and massage therapy are great and extremely helpful, but they are very different. The focus of therapeutic massage is the function of muscles and fascia, their function, and their relationship with the rest of the body. Massage therapists use techniques to work the muscles to a state of better function The focus of chiropractic is correcting nerve interference due to spinal stress on the nerves, that allows for better brain-body, body-brain communication, resulting in better healing, better adaptation, and better health.\   As a general rule, chiropractors have more objective testing for the nervous system and neuro-muscular system. Massage therapists who are not also chiropractors, generally have far less training than a doctor of chiropractic. But that’s ok, they are very well trained to do their job as a massage therapist. That being said, A lot of information from a chiropractic examination will translate into valuable information for the massage therapist. A test commonly used in chiropractic offices is called a Surface EMG. It measures neuromuscular activity and electrical activity in the muscles of the back, much like an EKG does with the heart. This test and many others are valuable to both...

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How Should I Teach My Child To Protect Themselves From Bullying?

January 23, 2019

Nothing is more upsetting than seeing your child's spirit broken by a bully who has likely been victim to the same type of abuse that they are dealing your child. KIDPOWER Maine is holding events on January 27 and February 3 in Portland, Maine. Call (207) 774-6251 for more information.

Worried about your child’s safety and wellbeing but don’t know where to turn? Bullies are in our lives from childhood to adulthood, and how we learn to deal with them impacts our lives more than theirs. Childhood bullying trauma can destroy an entire life. Empowering your children through education and peaceful strategies for controlling situations and escaping potentially harmful ones is at the core of success. Nothing is more upsetting than seeing your child’s spirit broken by kids who are likely victims of the same bullying, harassment and abuse that they themselves are delivering. KIDPOWER International and KIDPOWER Maine are hosting 2 upcoming events in Portland, Maine. Course facilitator, Bo Jespersen is trained to teach your child strategies of avoidance, empowerment, peaceful diffusion of difficult situations, and other techniques to avoid threatening, dangerous and otherwise unpleasant people. He empowers your children to stop bullying safely. The two upcoming workshops are each 1 hour long. The cost is $10/family.  This is not a “drop off” event, parents need to stay to help their children and to learn the techniques to help their kids remember and practice them after the workshop. The video below demonstrates some of what is taught in...

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