Don’t Let Shoveling Snow Ruin Your Thanksgiving!

November 20, 2018

Back Breaking Snow Removal Doesn't Have to ACTUALLY Break Your Back. Questions? (207) 774-6251

You may want an excuse to avoid family drama, but don’t make it an injury.  With snow starting before Thanksgiving this year, you better take precautions so you aren’t eating your dinner in bed! Your back and body have been out of practice shoveling snow for a few months now. If you dive right back in, without proper planning, you may be compromising the next few days, or worse, the next few months! Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from early winter injuries! Warm Up – Treat shoveling like a sporting event. Stretch and warm up before the “competition”. Get Ergo – If you are using a shovel, get an ergonomic one (with a bend in it) to help reduce bending and stress on your low back and shoulders. Take Small Bites – Don’t fill the shovel with more snow than it is designed to hold, smaller shovels are less heavy. Lighter loads will be less likely to strain your body. You bought it for a reason – If you are using a snow blower, let it work for you, not against you. There should be no need to “man handle” it. Pushing and pulling the blower...

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The CHIROVAN Comes Bearing Gifts! Have You Seen It?

October 18, 2018

If you see this image on the CHIROVAN, carefully remove your magnet to take home!

If you see the CHIROVAN, claim your gift! If you aren’t familiar with the CHIROVAN, you’ll see it driving all over the state not only promoting the incredible benefits of chiropractic care but the incredible care you will receive at Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture Center in Portland, Maine. If you haven’t seen it, a picture of the CHIROVAN is posted below!   The free gift attached to the CHIROVAN is a magnet with information on how to get help when you are ready. You may not want help today, or even tomorrow. Maybe you need help this moment. The information on the CHIROVAN magnets will lead you to help whenever you want it. If you see the magnet below, the free gift magnets won’t be far. They’ll be right next to the magnet below! This is what your free gift looks like (below). It’s pretty easy to find us online, but these magnets make contacting us easier! Our phone number is (207) SPINAL 1 (774-6251). Unforgettable! Enjoy the magnet and call us when you’re ready. If you are prevention or wellness minded, call us today to an evaluation of your nervous system, spinal integrity and effect of stress on your...

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Why your Doctors don’t listen to you.

September 26, 2018

Health requires doctors who listen, patients who try, and recognizing that health does not come in a bottle.

Medical doctors can no longer put up with your bullshit. I have been seeing patients as a chiropractor for over 16 years. Most patients come to me because they want relief of symptoms so that they can get back to the things they love, or things they must do, like make a living to feed their family. What motivates you? People in my office also claim that they do not want medications, they don’t want surgery, and they want to do things naturally, or holistically. I believe most people tell the medical doctor exactly the same thing. Despite medical doctors having two primary tools to help you with, drugs and surgery, unless they are simply greedy members of the business of medicine, they really do want to help you be healthier. They will look at your labs, review tests, talk to you and usually listen at first. They will then tell you what you need to do to address the problem and will often also give you medications.  Your individualized instructions may be something like: “In the absence of lifestyle changes leading to regular exercise and a primarily vegetarian diet, Mr/Mrs. ________ will have this prescription for x,y and z, will...

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Prevent Back And Neck Pain While Traveling! 3 Secrets!

September 21, 2018

A neck pillow for sleeping on the plan may save your vacation!

3 Tips For Back & Spine Care While Traveling By Plane. Nobody wants to spend time and lots of money on a vacation they can’t enjoy! There are tried and true methods and tools that you can utilize while traveling by airplane that will give you the best chance of a pain free trip. Rule 1: Don’t sit still for too long Movement is life. Get up and move around. Sitting and bumping around compresses the spine and the immobility allows for “locking in” of tension. Moving around, even stretching before boarding will warm you up for sitting for hours on end and may prevent typical travel pain. Stretch the neck and low back with simple stretches on the plane if it’s a long flight. For flights over 3 hours, this is especially important. Rule 2: Keep your stress level down. There’s no point in allowing yourself to become mentally stressed when there is virtually nothing you can do about flights being on time. There’s nothing you can do about the food they serve. There’s not much to be done about your neighbors on the plane. I once had a lady I did not know, who took up 2...

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Identifying football injuries in Maine kids.

September 19, 2018

Football injuries are common. Some are painful, some are not. Both can cause real problems later in life if left untreated. Dr. Lou Jacobs, Maine Chiropractor, can be reached at (207) SPINAL 1

What Should Parents Be Most Concerned About Regarding Youth Football? It’s football season and we love it! Such a great game, such an exciting time of the year. The issue that should be most concerning to parents, is that football injuries are pretty common. While football injuries are not as abundant as they are in other sports, the types of injuries can be far more dangerous. Traumatic brain injuries like concussions and spinal compression and torsion injuries can lead to permanent disability or an increased risk of disability if left uncorrected or un-treated. Fractures need immediate orthopedic emergency intervention, but for all other lower grade injuries related to the nerves and joints of the spine, chiropractic is designed to help! Chiropractic focuses on the structural integrity of the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones and joints) and how abnormalities in structure within that system impacts the nerves and nerve compression. Nerve compression compromises healing, function and regulation of all body processes and can spell real trouble for youth football players later in life. Evaluations of football players is simple, comprehensive and painless. The information about their spine, nervous system and musculoskeletal system in general is information that can be considered for...

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The Kids Are Back In School! Time To Fix Your Back!

September 6, 2018

Suffering is often a choice. Choose corrective help today for a lifetime of better back health! Portland, Maine Chiropractor - (207) SPINAL 1

Back To School! Now You Have Time To Take Care of That Back! Lots of people put off now what they can deal with later. The summer in Maine is one of those times where we put off dealing with our own health issues to spend time with our kids and have fun enjoying the rapidly fleeting nice weather. Summer is our payday for suffering through winter and we deserve it. So, as much as I disagree with putting things off, I understand the wonderful distraction, but now the distraction is (mostly) over. The kids are back in school, schedules are far more regimented and predictable. The pain and dysfunction you’ve been tolerating all summer, can now be dealt with.   Back pain is usually a sign that there is something wrong with your back. “Usually”, you say? Yes, usually. Kidney problems, colon problems, reproductive organ problems and a host of others may also cause back pain. It’s important that you first differentiate and diagnose what is going on and what is not going on. This is the purpose of an initial examination at any type of healthcare office…differential diagnosis. Once the cause of your back problem is confirmed,...

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Eggs Get Cracked, Spines Get Adjusted.

June 8, 2018

Properly prescribed medications kill over 100,000 Americans each year. Chiropractic is safe, effective and drug free.

Sydney’s Experience With Getting My “Back Cracked” Hey there! There’s a first time for everything! Before starting here as the new patient coordinator at Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture  I had no idea what Chiropractic was all about… my dad would go to “get his back cracked” and I thought it was strange, probably painful, and completely unfounded in medical legitimacy. And then I met Dr. Lou and my education has been reminiscent of emerging from a dark hole and into the sunshine. For years I’ve had the knack to get tension headaches and vertigo. My neck and shoulders have always been knotted up with stress. Never once in my attempts to deter these things did I consider something like seeing a chiropractor… because isn’t that just where you go to get your back cracked sometimes? If you threw your back out, or had a fall? Since starting here, I’ve learned that the there’s a clinical term for “back cracking“. It’s called an adjustment and it’s a specific correction of spinal misalignment that leads to removing pressure on nerves. This correction leads to better nerve control of healing and regulation of the body. Your body heals itself! The approach to feeling...

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Evidence Based Guidelines For Chiropractic Care.

May 9, 2018

Evidence Based Chiropractic Care in a small office with a big heart. Dr. Lou Jacobs - Over 16 years experience in the U.S. and Europe. Located in Portland, Maine. (207) 774-SPINAL 1

There is an enormous body of evidence that substantiates YOUR chiropractic care. If you are the type of person who wants medical research to back up your care in any type of office, you’ll be happy to know that Evidence Based Guidelines for treatment frequency and duration of chiropractic care exist and are used in many offices. When searching for a chiropractor, you should understand the degree to which they follow the chiropractic clinical guidelines. These guidelines lead to the best understanding and the best acute care. These offices also tend to have fewer issues with insurance companies, thereby making your life easier. What does the evidence show? If you have had pain for more than 8 days, waiting to see if it would improve, your recovery time may be 1.5 times longer than if you begin care within the first 8 days of symptoms. If you are in severe pain, the recovery time may be 2 times longer than if your pain is mild. If you have had greater than 3 episodes of the same symptoms in the past, the recovery time may take up to two times longer than if you have had fewer than 3 previous...

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Concussions In Sports.

May 5, 2018

Concussions. Dr. Lou Jacobs - Portland, Maine. Board Certified in Pediatric Chiropractic. (207) 774-6251

Concussions Lead To Brain Damage. Did you know that kids take longer to heal from concussions than adults? The matrix of support structures that stabilizes the brain are less developed in kids than in adults. The brains of our children slosh around more than adult brains. Unlike most issues where kids heal faster, concussions are the exception and parents should understand this. If your child has been concussed, you must have a healthcare provider monitor and manage their progress. At many levels of play, professionals and kids alike, research shows that pre-season training and tryouts are often the times where the risk of concussions is even higher than during the regular season. Contrary to common parental belief, helmets don’t prevent concussions. Impact is not necessary for concussion. Many concussions occur from quick movements. The brain sloshes around inside the skull and injuries occur.   Contrary to common belief, believe it or not, mouth guards do not prevent concussions. Mouthguards prevent the need to pick teeth up off the turf, but do not prevent concussions. In adults, women are more susceptible to concussions than men, with the exception of lacrosse players. Male lacrosse players are at higher risk of concussions...

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Searching For A Healthcare Community?

March 19, 2018

Hop on board Dr. Lou's chiropractic community! Tired of institutionalized, factory-like healthcare where you are more of a number than a person? Join us for healthcare redefined in Maine. (207) SPINAL 1 (774-6251)

Not Into Modern Day American Factory (assembly line) Healthcare? Maybe it’s time to join a healthcare community. Amazon is great for buying electronics and kitchen equipment, but is that kind of shopping what you want when looking for a doctor? A healthcare community is an office that takes a drastically different approach to your healthcare. It is an environment that people choose to get the care that they need but with the feeling of having it delivered to them at home, by friends, even family who care more about them and their lives than they do about the business of healthcare.     The following paragraph was copied from LinkedIn: Entrepreneurs should think small, says Nassim Taleb. The scholar and author argues that as companies grow, entrepreneurs lose touch with the people they aim to serve. “The minute you’re dealing with faceless people, you have different ethical rules prevailing, and effectively most people lose their humanity,” he told LinkedIn’s Dan Roth. So often we hear from patients that they are looking for something different but they haven’t known where to find it. They don’t want to feel taken advantage of, they want to feel like a person, not a...

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