How To Think Like A Healthy Person: Principle 1

October 18, 2019

Not all health problems cause symptoms. Until they do. Understanding how your body works, may help you prevent it from not working.

Thinking like a healthy person requires….well, thinking. Principle 1: Just because you feel good, does not mean that you are healthy and without risk. How we feel, and how we are functioning, are two different things. People have cancer before they feel the symptom that leads to the doctor appointment and final diagnosis. Research has shown that many people with herniated discs in their spine, don’t have symptoms. For many people with severe heart disease, the first symptom is a heart attack. They felt fine otherwise. Just because your back doesn’t hurt, doesn’t mean you don’t have degeneration or disc problems. You see, it’s the problems that lurk beneath the pain threshold, that create risk for real bad symptoms or catastrophe. Understanding the facts that follow, will help you protect and educate your family from potentially life-threatening mistakes. Ignoring an underlying problem: Doesn’t make it go away. Doesn’t lower risk of injury or flare up. Doesn’t cost less, in fact, it will end up costing you more. Doesn’t save time. The longer you wait to act, normally, the longer it takes to fix. INCREASES the likelihood of chronic disease. INCREASES the depth to which the problem sinks it’s claws into you (severity). INCREASES the...

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Healthier Teachers = Healthier Communities. Teachers Deserve More.

February 20, 2019

Teachers, Moms and Children are our top priority. (207) 774-6251

Teachers Deserve More.   While many say that a child’s greatest (or worst) education is at home, teachers mean the world to our families and our children. Despite fatigue, stress, wear, tear and premature aging, they relentlessly do their best to educate our children. It’s fair to say they do a great job, but when their health suffers, so does the community at large. My wife is a teacher. My father taught for over 40 years. My mother was a teacher. I was and am lucky enough to have teachers at home and at school. Not all kids are so lucky. The health of our children’s teachers directly impacts our homes and our communities. They deserve more. The four most important things in life are on the other side of this link. If you are a teacher, you are on vacation this week. Even though many of you are catching up on school work, it’s still a  rest from bending over, looking downward and hunching over students. Hopefully, you have a break from grading papers, the stress of children’s issues, a break from over concerned parents and juggling your own life at home with your life at school. Do you...

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These Four Things Are All You Really Care About.

September 7, 2018

Dr. Lou Jacobs - Portland, Maine (207) SPINAL 1

Ask Yourself, Which Of These Four Things Makes The Top Of Your List? What would it take to get you to swim with sharks, run through a burning house, or ride a rocket to the moon? Have you ever thought deeply about what motivates us to do things? Usually, we ponder it in passing, but what drives us more than anything? Experts contend that there are four things that make us rise to most challenges. Health. Under appreciated when we have it, once lost, it becomes clear that it trumps money, hobbies, other people, vacations, etc. Without health nothing is possible. Preserving it through maintenance of your body and preventive action and healthy choices gives you the best odds of remaining healthy. When fighting for their lives, people undergo extreme pain and hardship to. regain their health. Their families suffer and their lifestyles often change dramatically. Their endurance is a testament to the extremes people will go to, to survive. Family. Love of family motivates people to work harder than normal, fight harder to survive, succeed and provide. People will fight gangs, swim with sharks, distract attacking bears, just to save their loved ones. Even at the expense of their...

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What is Dr. Lou’s Kitchen?

August 28, 2017

Dr. Lou's Kitchen - A cooking show with Dr. Lou Jacobs - Maine Chiropractor - Portland, Maine - Call (207) 774-6251.

Dr. Lou’s Kitchen. With the majority of restaurants supplying your meals from SYSCO, Sam’s club or BJ’s, I had an idea. Rather than cutting corners for profit in an industry that is as cut throat as any, why not start cooking more at home. Since I already cook a lot at home, why not help others do the same? Food that tastes good but is made from poor ingredients, misses half the boat when you eat out. At home, it’s easier to do it all the right way. I grew up around parents who cooked, a grandfather who owned a café, and a number of others who were solid participants in the kitchen. I went on to study cooking in Beijing, China and surround myself with people who prioritized food. So much of your health is related to the food you eat. With over 50% of Maine people overweight or obese, and numbers growing locally and nationwide, if you don’t watch what you eat you are going to be more likely to run into problems. Problems ruin quality of life. I remind my patients all the time, as far as we know, we have only one life. We should...

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Five Rules to Lose Belly Fat For Summer!

April 5, 2017

Losing belly fat is simple with the right plan. 5 Rules, 1 plan. Dr. Lou knows how to help you get things done. Dr. Lou has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds with his coaching based on truth, hard work, strategy and positivity. It only takes one call. Do it today. Life is short. (207) 774-6251. Coaching client availability is limited.

Belly Fat Guaranteed To Go Away IF You Follow The Rules. Want to lose an inch off your waistline in a few weeks or less? If you follow the rules, there is almost no way that you will not succeed in losing belly fat. In fact, I would argue that it is impossible to fail if you follow these rules. I’ve done it myself, I’ve helped others do it, and it will work for anyone who has “had enough”. Low Carb Diet: No alcohol, no pasta, no sugar. The only carbs you can eat are those in greens. Eat lean meats like fish and chicken. Exercise: Cardio for an hour 4 times a week. 20 minutes of weights or resistance exercises for the large muscle groups 4-5 times a week. What are the large muscle groups? Back, chest, arms, legs. Exercises? Push ups, bicep curls, seated rows, tricep push downs, squats with or without weight. Sleep: Get a lot of sleep. 8 hours a night minimum. Feeding Frequency: Sounds like you’re being treated like a baby? Kind of. Eat small quantities every two hours. Don’t miss a beat. Too much trouble? Don’t lose weight, or exercise more, your choice. Prep meals a couple nights a...

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Dr. Lou’s 2017 Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge – Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251

November 16, 2016

Get Fit, Get Paid!     In it’s 10th year running, Dr. Lou’s Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.   Here’s how it works: (prefer to watch a video? Dr. Lou’s Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge) You make up your mind to do it. You invite people to join you.   Saturday, December 31 at 9am you show up at Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture Center in Portland, Maine at 138 St. John Street with $25 cash or check. You fill out a couple forms, weigh in, take a couple pictures and you sign up for classes you are interested in (no charge).   You let us help you find the motivation, inspiration and education to succeed.   You work hard to get in the best shape ever.       You return to weigh out (at the same location) on the date of the weigh out (TBD). You weigh out, take pictures and wait to hear of the winner(s).   If you win, you collect your share of the prize money (all of the money or half of the money).   You shoot an inspirational video for people next year.   You spend...

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Perinatal Yoga At Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic of Maine – (207) 553-7776 – Portland, Maine

August 10, 2016

Perinatal Yoga With a Twist at Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic of Maine           Prenatal Yoga   Pregnancy is one of the three periods in a woman’s life where she experiences major hormonal shifts (menarche, pregnancy and menopause). These are times of enormous change; the body’s chemistry takes over and forces a woman to make physical, emotional and mental readjustments. One of the most important physical adjustments during pregnancy is to tone the muscles; the pelvic floor muscles. Prenatal yoga helps you stay in shape during pregnancy, strengthens your muscles, and improves balance and circulation. In addition, breathing exercises and relaxation will help you connect with your growing baby and prepare you physically and mentally for labor and motherhood.   At Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractic of Maine we offer small classes for each trimester, focusing on your needs at specific stages of the pregnancy. This calculated timing also encourages you to meet other pregnant women and be part of a community in a safe, positive and supportive environment. By purchasing a 10 week session you will receive an optional perinatal chiropractic examination with Dr Jacobs. At your request, Chantal will work closely with Dr Jacobs to put in place the...

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How You Grow Old Is Your Choice. How do you want to age?

June 10, 2016

Growing old is not a choice, how you do it, is.   Needless to say we all get old. We all have genetics and we all have lifestyles. The science of epigenetics tells us that the choices we make in our lives will affect how our DNA expresses itself toward health or toward disease.     Have you given any thought to how you will do your best to stay out of a wheelchair later in life? What about playing with your grandkids from a bedridden state? How much fun will retirement at the beach be if you can’t use your walker in the sand?     What are you doing this weekend to create a better future? Keeping your body mobile, stable, strong and functioning optimally is easier than you think. Just like saving money for retirement, healthy action steps now are making deposits in your healthy longevity account. Chiropractic improves nervous system communication, control and healing. It mobilizes joints and gives you a better sense of stability and awareness in all environments.   Your chiropractor should present you with a comprehensive chiropractic optimization plan designed to remove vertebral subluxation and optimize your nerve system. It should be...

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Nerve Communication Breakdown and nerve pain

July 9, 2015

Your nervous system is a communication loop.   Your brain is the central processor of your body. It interprets your environment and creates action in your body based on it’s processing of internal and external information.   Your nerves are a two way street. They communicate from your brain to your body parts and from your body parts back to the brain. Constantly evaluating and responding to your environment. Abnormal responses and interpretation of what is going on in your world may occur when vertebral subluxation is present. Vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of the spine caused by physical, mental or chemical stress that leads to interference in nerve communication and ultimately dysfunction, nerve pain and even dis-ease.   Don’t let your spine get on your...

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New Year Resolutions For Maine People

December 29, 2014

New Year Resolutions For Maine People   The most common new year resolution in Maine is to lose weight and get into shape. The problem is, only 8% of people actually succeed.  That’s right, 92% of people fail.   My name is Dr. Lou Jacobs and for the past 8 years I have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.  I help people succeed, becoming one of the 8% who achieve their goals.   My solution to Maine’s #1 resolution? “Dr. Lou’s 2015 (and 8th annual) Weight Loss Challenge”.   Last year’s winner lost 13 lbs and won $800.  Wow.   What is it that Maine people need?  They need inspiration, education and motivation. We provide all three.  Inspired by others who have succeeded in the past and knowing that you are involved with a successful weight loss coach and healthcare provider.  Educational opportunities and private or group coaching opportunities are available. Motivation comes from the money that will be in your pocket if you win the challenge.   It’s also a FITNESS challenge. If you are already in decent shape, you can also win some money. The winner of the “Greatest Transformation” category has the opportunity to win half of the...

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