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May 5, 2012

Online Self Diagnosis in Maine – Dr. Google Dr. Google is not a real doctor.  If you are consulting Dr. Google you can generally expect the following: 1. Unnecessary Worry: Not fully understanding what you are reading, not knowing how what you read integrates with the rest of the body and not knowing other possible causes of your symptoms can really get you scared.  Read online about your symptoms and possible diagnoses, then consult with a human (doctor). 2. Poor Diagnosis:  Self diagnosis using online information is a bad idea. You may get it right, but without consulting a doctor in addition to your self diagnosis, you may find yourself headed down the wrong road with poor results with healing.  You don’t rely on your “Self Diagnosis” when it comes to your car, don’t rely on it for your body. 3. Artificial Time and Experience: What you are reading online is what doctors have studied for years in school and thereafter. The difference is comparing, contrasting, analyzing and a knowledge of how to proceed.  Your circumstances and individuality may make your circumstances and treatment different. 4. Website fear factor: Many websites are designed to scare you to get your...

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Football in Maine – Head Trauma

Football in Maine – Head Trauma The time has come to reconsider the value of football to your son’s development.  If your child is playing football in Maine, you have to know that Maine has other team sports. Baseball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball and a host of other team sports will provide your child with the same team spirit, the same cooperation skills, the same lessons learned that they would learn playing football in Maine.  Without the risk. The death of Junior Seau should tell you something. The damage to the brain of a football player over time is becoming less disputable.  Not all football players will kill themselves.  Not all football players will have permanent brain damage. There is no justification for allowing your son to repeatedly receive mild to moderate head trauma over long periods of time. I love watching football but I also think it’s near child abuse to let your child play.  There’s no need for it.  My guess is that Junior Seau’s parents would rather have their son back than have a history of their son’s football career. Know the risks and ask yourselves if it’s worth it.  To learn more about the real risks...

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Thoughts on Biking in Portland, Maine

April 23, 2012

Thoughts on Biking in Portland, Maine Portland is the perfect city to commute by bike. Everything is close and most streets allow plenty of space to ride safely and comfortably along with motor commuters. I love riding my bike through town, checking out the sights and feeling the energy of the city. This way I am presented with the choice to slow down or stop to delve deeper into an experience, or to cruise on through any unpleasantries. Between the money saved by not buying gas, the ability to pass on by the long lines of traffic, and the exercise I get from peddling rather than driving, it seems like a healthy no brainer. Try it out! Ride your bike or walk somewhere you would normally drive one day a week. It really adds up, and only in positive ways. A little bit of consistency goes a long way toward a healthier you.  If you are in our area, stop by the office for a coffee, tea or water fill-up! Yvette Schussler Community outreach Coordinator Jacobs Chiropractic...

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Skateboarding in Portland, Maine

April 22, 2012

Skateboarding in Portland, Maine When I was growing up in Farmington, Maine we got a lot of crap for skateboarding.  Crap from classmates, from the cops, from people on the street.  Our crew turned out alright.  A two time olympic gold medalist in snowboard cross, a doctor, a very successful home energy auditing business owner, an engineer, many successful fathers and solid contributors to our society.  For many of us skateboarding shaped our lives in one way or another and as far as I know it was always positive. This weekend I pulled out the last two of what remains of a long line of skateboards I used from the 80’s that if I still had I could buy a new Porsche.  They are worth a fortune.  But alas, I eventually broke them and threw them out when I was done with them.  I sold some, gave some away, let others rot.  I wish I still had them to hang up or even use.  I took an old hook ups board from the 90’s out for a spin yesterday.  Nice ride.  My Billy Ruff Chalice  from 1984 is pretty smooth too.  I suspect over the years I’ve had at...

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McDonald’s thinks you are stupid – Dr. Lou Jacobs – Portland, Maine

March 13, 2012

McDonald’s Thinks You Are Stupid Dr. Lou Jacobs – Portland, Maine “Imagine the poppabilities” reads the McDonald’s sign for their new popcorn chicken.  Let me make this perfectly clear.  The poppabilities include but are not limited to: Heart disease High cholesterol Cancer Obesity Diabetes Stroke Misery Fat, unhealthy children Expensive medical bills Low self esteem Depression If McDonald’s thinks that their popcorn chicken bring about  positive “poppabilities”, they also bank on the poppability that you don’t know enough to realize that they are killing...

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Reflections – Whitney Houston

February 12, 2012

I remember when I was much younger my mum loving Whitney.  Mum used to always comment on the obvious….she’s so beautiful, she has such a voice, she has such a wonderful life, she’s so fortunate.  It’s true, she had it all.  It seems so commonplace these days to see such incredible talent, such fortune being wasted.  Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobain, Chris Farley, the kid down the street, the person in the mirror. Life is precious.  You won’t realize just how precious our opportunity in this life is, until you’ve seen it cut short in others. Wasted in others close to you.  If you find yourself thinking what an unnecessary loss it is that Whitney Houston is gone, it may be a good time to correct a trajectory and create a better forecast for yourself. We all possess gifts.  Magical, desired gifts that may not be a great singing voice, beautiful looks or height that allows us to dunk a basketball, but we’re all blessed.  I can assure you that someone, somewhere is sitting around wishing they had a life as good as yours.  No matter how bad you think you have it, it could always be worse....

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