Take What You Need – A Kick In The Arse

August 24, 2012

Take What You Need – A Kick In The Arse Everyone needs a kick in the arse every once in a while.  A kick in the tush can help motivate, inspire, take action and a slew of other positive things that help you along.  It’s a jump start if you will. Our doctors specialize in jump starting you toward the healthy physical and mental lifestyle you are looking for.  Dr. Lou is a professional weight loss coach and Dr. Max is a practicing Buddhist with years of meditation and study under his belt. For your kick in the arse, call (207)...

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Clothing Swap in Portland, Maine

August 16, 2012

Clothing Swap in Portland, Maine Do you have a closet full of clothes, but take an hour to get dressed because you “have nothing to wear”? Feeling a burning desire to hit up the stores to revamp you wardrobe? Well before you bust the bank, come join us on Saturday, August 25th from 9-11am for a clothing swap in Portland, Maine. Contrary to popular belief, a clothing swap is not the act of having an unplanned sleepover at a friend’s house, borrowing their clothing the next day, and leaving them with your dirty laundry. A clothing swap is actually quite a productive and responsible event to take part in. Clothing swaps are a great way to declutter and replenish one’s wardrobe, and offer an environmentally friendly and frugal alternative to shopping. It is a swapmeet of sorts in which swappers exchange their admired but ignored clothing, for clothing they will actually use. Come join us! Saturday, August 25th from 9-11am 138 Saint John Street Portland, Maine RSVP to Yvette at 774-6251 or yvetteschussler@yahoo.com For additional details, click here...

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Take What You Need – HOPE – Portland, Maine

July 13, 2012

Take What You Need – Hope If you pulled HOPE from the Take What You Need poster in Portland, Maine, consider the following…  Hope is available at all times, you just have to stop, clear your head and find it.  As a relatively young man, Norman Cousins was given what amounted to a short life of misery and then a death sentence because of a degenerative illness.  He lived to be an old man.  He once said “The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started.” To have hope requires the strength to risk your emotions but without hope it is hard to move forward and grow.  YOU have the strength to risk getting the cards that hope could deal you.  If hope results in disappointment, pick yourself up and try again. Imagine that which you need the hope for, being your reality.  Everything is perfect, you’ve succeeded, you’ve won, you are where you want to be with the people you want to be with, doing the things you want to do.  How does that feel?  If you feel like you do...

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Take What You Need – Love

July 9, 2012

Take What You Need – Love If you pulled LOVE, pull out a pen and a sheet of paper.  On the paper write down all of the characteristics of that person, place or thing that will be the love that you need.  Details are most important.  The greater the clarity, the greater the likelihood you will get the love that you need. There is more to being a doctor than taking away pain and helping people live healthy lifestyles.  We believe that working with people requires a plan, mutual respect and recognition that there are things that no one understands completely but that still govern our health.  Love is required....

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Take What You Need – Portland, Maine

July 8, 2012

Take What You Need – Portland, Maine We hope you have found the Take What You Need signs posted in town and we hope you’ve found what you need.  Uncertain of where this brilliant idea originated, we wanted to share it with you anyway.  Everyone needs a little love, courage and strength sometimes.  We hope we’ve made your day a little stronger, a little funnier, a little more meaningful. Dr. Lou Jacobs and his brother Dr. Max Jacobs successfully strive to give people what they need.  For more information on the doctors, the staff at Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture or what they do, call (207) 774-6251 or return to the HOME PAGE. We hope your days are as blessed as ours....

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