“TOO” & Weight Loss Sabotage

January 16, 2013

“TOO” & Weight Loss Sabotage   Are you too tired?  Too injured?  Too hungry?  Too busy?  Too poor?  Too addicted?   “Too”  is an enabler.  “Too” leads to weight loss sabotage. An excuse seed.  Don’t cultivate that seed, it will grow into a forest of distraction and deterrents.  If it’s too late, clear cut the forest.   Your brain can over ride your body and stop it from doing things but you have to give it the ok to do so.  Ever want to hit someone but didn’t do it? Self control.  When you hear yourself saying that you are “too” something, stop and think.   Are you allowing how you feel about yourself alter your course toward success with wimpy resistance?  Stand up to the thoughts that you’ve been programmed to have by parents, friends, teachers and the media.   The word “too”  when coupled with the thought of doing something, implies that you can’t do that thing.  You can do whatever you set your mind to.  You have the power, you simply have to access it.   If you would like examples of accessing the power, call for a free 15 minute meeting by phone or in...

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Top 20 HEALTHIEST Ways Guaranteed To Make You Lose Weight!

January 14, 2013

The Top 20 The top 20 healthiest ways guaranteed to make you lose weight are actually only 2.  If you wanted 20, it’s likely because you don’t want to do the only 2 that really make a longstanding difference. There are no magic bullets except for the two tools listed below.  Stop dreaming or making excuses and just do it. Diet. Diet shouldn’t mean anything more than eating responsibly.  Eating to live as opposed to living to eat.  If you don’t put the food in your mouth, it won’t end up on your gut. Exercise.  Consistency is tough but it’s necessary.  It also gets easy if you keep it up for a couple weeks.  If you exercise correctly and enough, eventually you can nearly eat anything you’d like.  Makes life easy. Losing weight and getting in shape is easy.  There are two steps to follow.  Eat well and exercise consistently.  That is all you have to remember and do.  Yes, it’s as easy as...

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Under 400 Calories

January 13, 2013

Under 400 Calories Dunkin’ Donuts has a turkey breakfast sausage sandwich that is under 400 calories.  Folks, there are different types of calories.  399 calories of fat and processed meat is a lot different than, well, just about anything even remotely healthy.  If it comes through the window of your car, it’s not...

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Body Fat Analysis in Portland, Maine

January 9, 2013

Body Fat Analysis in Portland, Maine Body fat analysis in Portland, Maine allows you to take the most scientific approach to natural weight loss.  Precision analysis means that you will know exactly how much fat you have in your body, what your total body water is, what your BMR and daily energy expenditure are, what your lean body mass is and how to get the most out of your diet and weight loss.   Precision body fat analysis in Portland, Maine is now available at the office of Maine’s number one weight loss coach.  Dr. Lou Jacobs is now offering body fat analysis in Portland, Maine with the use of RJL Systems Quantum III body composition analyzer.  Accurate, fast, reliable and affordable, this testing allows one to see exactly what their body composition ratios of fat to other tissues are.  How much water do you have in your body and is it in the right balance?  Body Fat Analysis in Portland, Maine with Dr. Lou Jacobs will give you the numbers you are looking for.   With the information gathered, you will be able to know exactly what you need to do to lose weight quickly and easily.  Taking...

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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance – 2013 Resolutions in Portland’ Maine

December 14, 2012

2013 Resolutions in Portland, Maine   A recent article in Muscle & Fitness Magazine revealed the following statistics:   15% of Americans belong to a gym. 67% of that 15% NEVER use the membership. 10% of resolutions are to exercise more. 19% of all resolutions are to lose weight. 67% of Americans make 3 resolutions every year. 8o% of people who join a gym in January Quit by February.   My experience with weight loss challenge participants and weight loss coaching clients has been the following:   People set the right goals for the wrong reasons. People lose steam because they haven’t been honest regarding their motivation(s). People have their plan “in their head” instead of on paper and it gets lost in the day to day this and that. People who write down their goals and keep them prominent (reviewing them daily) win. People think they understand nutrition and food and when their self made customized diet doesn’t work, they are surprised, and blame the process not themselves. Education on diet and nutrition, even if you already know a lot, never hurt anyone. Having a support group, attending classes, using a trainer and/or a coach does not mean...

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2013 Weight Loss in Portland, Maine

December 11, 2012

2013 Weight Loss In Portland, Maine More than just a few vow to commit to weight loss in Portland, Maine each year.  In 2013, weight loss in Portland, Maine is no different.  Resolutions are set and 80% will never be accomplished.  It’s the same every year.  You wake up on December 31 and say to yourself “this year I’ll make it happen!  What the heck happened to this past year?!” Time flies and if you aren’t careful it will pass you by and your 2013 weight loss in Portland, Maine will be  historical fantasy.  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.   Set your goals now. Write them down. Review them often. Have a plan to accomplish them. Make it foolproof. Identify excuses in advance and create a plan to avoid them. Know that you can do it.  Anyone can do it.  It takes hard work, discipline and a clear head, but people do it everyday.   Thursday, December 13 at Anytime Fitness – Northgate Plaza in Portland, Dr. Lou will be giving a talk on goal setting & planning for success.  Call Anytime Fitness – Northgate for details....

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Yesterday You Said Tomorrow – Weight Loss Coaching in Maine

Weight Loss Coaching in Maine Yesterday you said tomorrow.   If you told yourself yesterday that you’d start “the plan” today and you have already let yourself down, you’re stuck.  Mental preparation, focus and accountability is critical to starting and sticking with a weight loss plan. You may be a great candidate for weight loss coaching in Maine.  Weight loss coaching in Maine is an affordable, proactive and accountability based method for staying inspired, motivated and educated on how to make your goals a reality. The world’s most successful people use coaches to get to the “next level” and then continue to move toward bigger and better things.  Now is the time to consider weight loss coaching in Maine and here’s why.  January 1 is the day that most people start their new year weight loss plan.  January 1 is right around the corner.  If you don’t have a plan in place for the 1st your are relying on the knowledge and planning of years past that have ultimately failed.  If they had been successful strategies, you wouldn’t be doing this again this year… Find out if you are a good candidate for weight loss coaching in Maine by...

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