3 Reasons You Should Eat Salad, Yes Salad, For Breakfast.

May 20, 2013

3 Reasons You Should Eat Salad For Breakfast   A good dose of BS (breakfast salad) each morning is valuable in a number of ways.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, get more vitamins, eat differently or have more energy, BS is a potential solution for you.   I don’t only recommend the BS, I live it.  Every night I throw a medium size container of salad together, twice, so that I have 2 salads for the next day.  Spring mix, avocado, a scallion, cucumber, baby carrots and some tomato. Another container holds my self made vinaigrette.  I’ve tested this breakfast many times and I only regret NOT doing it.   1. BS leaves you feeling less heavy.  The difference between a breakfast with eggs, meat, toast and juice when compared to BS is huge.  I just ate some BS and I feel full but I feel light, not weighted down by oils, fats and chemicals from processed meats.   2. BS starts the day off right – Mentally and Physically.  Ever had a rough Monday morning and it takes at least a day for your week to get on track?  BS starts your day off right, you...

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Muffin Top

April 9, 2013

The Muffin Top   The muffin top is a growing health concern in America.  A muffin top refers to fat overhang that overflows over the top of one’s pants.  Muffin tops are not popular, most would rather not have one and getting rid of a muffin top can be challenging.  Both Men and women can have muffin tops.  Muffin tops increase your risk of a heart attack, stroke, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, cancer and a host of other generally preventable diseases   People all over the country are trying to get rid of their muffin tops.  All one needs to get rid of the muffin top is a plan and motivation to take action.  Dr. Lou Jacobs is the muffin top eliminator.  Not only will he help you get rid of your muffin top, he’ll help you keep it off.  Turn your muffin top into a six pack!...

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Losing Belly Fat

Losing Belly Fat Losing belly fat can be one of the more difficult challenges during the process of getting to your ideal weight.  Both men and women struggle with losing belly fat.   Not only is losing belly fat difficult but it is one of the more important things you can do for your overall health.  Belly fat contributes to heart disease, cancer risk, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and a host of other preventable health issues.   If better health is not your goal but rather looking good is your measurement of success, help is just a phone call away.  Appearance is a strong motivator and often helps get people on track to better health as well.  Additionally, every pound lost amounts to a decrease in money spent on overweight/obese items and cost of living.  Research has shown that thousands of dollars more are spent each year by those who are overweight or obese than their “ideal weight” counterparts.   If you’ve struggled with losing belly fat, you are tired and fed up with the battle and the muffin top, we may be able to help.  Dr. Lou Jacobs has been helping people lose belly fat for years.  His weight...

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WINNER! Dr. Lou’s 2013 Weight Loss Challenge – Portland, Maine

April 4, 2013

WINNER! Dr. Lou’s 2013 Weight Loss Challenge – Portland, Maine   American obesity is an epidemic.  It is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in this country and worsens as we approach a nationwide 70% overweight/obese status.  Maine is at over 60%.  The epidemic puts enormous financial & healthcare related strain on all of us.  The only way to fix the problem is from the ground up.  There is no pill or surgery that will fix the problem.  We salute those who have joined the challenge in the past and in the future with the mission of changing themselves and setting an example for others.   Every year, dozens of participants in Dr. Lou‘s Weight Loss Challenge square off with themselves and do their best to lose weight, get in shape and most importantly improve their health.  2013 was no different.  As usual hundreds and hundreds of pounds were lost by just a few participants.  Thousands of pounds are usually lost every year.  This year the winner lost 20% of his original body weight with the 2nd and 3rd place finishers losing 18.52% and 17.72% respectively.  Unlike recent years, the winner swept the challenge, including the new to...

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Stress Makes You Fat.

February 14, 2013

Stress Makes You Fat – Cortisol   The last think most people want when they are trying to lose weight is having the cards stacked even higher against them.  Mental stress increases cortisol levels in your body.  Increased stress and cortisol levels do the following and really need no explanation:   1.  Slows Metabolism   2. Increases Cravings   3. Increases Blood Sugar – Leading to hyperglycemia, diabetes and even heart attacks.   4. Increases Fat Storage   5. Increases Emotional Eating   6. Increases your sense of “being too busy” (excuses)   7.  Increases likelihood you’ll eat fast food.  If you are too busy to cook, you’ll search for quick fixes like a big mac.   Solutions: Get help.  If you wereable to manage stress on your own, you would have already done it.  A “stress consultation” with a professional will help you organize thoughts and behaviors in such a way to reduce stress and impact your weight in a healthy way.    ...

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The Three Little Pigs – Portland, Maine

February 13, 2013

The Three Little Pigs – Portland, Maine   Once upon a time there were three little pigs.  Told to build houses by mommy, they did.  One built a house of straw in an afternoon.  The other a house of sticks in a couple days.  The third a house of bricks in a couple months.  When the wolf came, he blew the house of straw and that of sticks down, leaving the third pig with the house of bricks an only child.   The time and effort we put into our bodies and minds will protect us from having our houses blown down.  It’s not a new concept but an old one, one that is becoming harder and harder for people to grasp.  And before you say that you don’t want to waste time now for when you are old, you want to live now, just remember the three little pigs.  The house of straw was put up in a flash so that he would have more time to play.  Playtime never came.  As my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Wilkey used to say, “haste makes waste.”  Don’t let yourself go to waste....

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The Value of NO

January 17, 2013

The Value Of “No” Weight Loss in Portland, Maine – U.S.A.   There is great value in the use of “NO” when you are trying to lose weight.  Below are a few of the most important that when applied in an appropriate and timely fashion, they will get you closer to “YES! You achieved your goal”. 1. You are putting yourself first.  Putting yourself first, as selfish as it sounds, is an important step in weight loss.  It doesn’t mean you’ll neglect others, it simply means that you are not going to let others get in your way.  It is an empowering step on the way to your goal. 2. You are not accumulating.  Some people “Hoard” obligations.  Don’t collect a bunch of responsibilities and obligations that will bog you down and disperse your focus.  Choose a few good things to say “YES” to and don’t spread yourself too thin. 3. You are taking swift action.  Saying no often means saving time.  If it feels like a bad idea, it probably is.  Say no when you mean to say no, not maybe or I’ll get back to you on that.  If you know your answer, say it and save time. Spend that...

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Losing Momentum – Weight Loss Maine – (207) 807-1119

January 16, 2013

Losing Momentum – Weight Loss Maine   Have you already started losing momentum with regard to your weight loss goals?  Two weeks into a new program of weight loss, it is not uncommon to begin losing steam. It is important to evaluate 5 key considerations before getting frustrated enough that you may give up.   Have you neglected to have a professional review your exercise and food plan? Having a professional review your “system” will improve your odds of doing just the right thing.  If you can do it yourself, you should be getting results by now. Are you lying to yourself? Don’t kid yourself thinking you know how weight loss works, it’s ok not to know, but you need to ask for help.  If you aren’t sure but you are telling yourself you are, you may be setting yourself up for great disappointment. Are the people around you supportive, negative or non existent? If you are not receiving helpful support, you need to find someone to help you. Dr. Lou may be able to help or find you a mentor who can help you. What do you think is lacking from your routine?  If you can acknowledge that...

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“TOO” & Weight Loss Sabotage

“TOO” & Weight Loss Sabotage   Are you too tired?  Too injured?  Too hungry?  Too busy?  Too poor?  Too addicted?   “Too”  is an enabler.  “Too” leads to weight loss sabotage. An excuse seed.  Don’t cultivate that seed, it will grow into a forest of distraction and deterrents.  If it’s too late, clear cut the forest.   Your brain can over ride your body and stop it from doing things but you have to give it the ok to do so.  Ever want to hit someone but didn’t do it? Self control.  When you hear yourself saying that you are “too” something, stop and think.   Are you allowing how you feel about yourself alter your course toward success with wimpy resistance?  Stand up to the thoughts that you’ve been programmed to have by parents, friends, teachers and the media.   The word “too”  when coupled with the thought of doing something, implies that you can’t do that thing.  You can do whatever you set your mind to.  You have the power, you simply have to access it.   If you would like examples of accessing the power, call for a free 15 minute meeting by phone or in...

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Top 20 HEALTHIEST Ways Guaranteed To Make You Lose Weight!

January 14, 2013

The Top 20 The top 20 healthiest ways guaranteed to make you lose weight are actually only 2.  If you wanted 20, it’s likely because you don’t want to do the only 2 that really make a longstanding difference. There are no magic bullets except for the two tools listed below.  Stop dreaming or making excuses and just do it. Diet. Diet shouldn’t mean anything more than eating responsibly.  Eating to live as opposed to living to eat.  If you don’t put the food in your mouth, it won’t end up on your gut. Exercise.  Consistency is tough but it’s necessary.  It also gets easy if you keep it up for a couple weeks.  If you exercise correctly and enough, eventually you can nearly eat anything you’d like.  Makes life easy. Losing weight and getting in shape is easy.  There are two steps to follow.  Eat well and exercise consistently.  That is all you have to remember and do.  Yes, it’s as easy as...

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