2013 Resolutions in Portland, Maine


A recent article in Muscle & Fitness Magazine revealed the following statistics:


15% of Americans belong to a gym.

67% of that 15% NEVER use the membership.

10% of resolutions are to exercise more.

19% of all resolutions are to lose weight.

67% of Americans make 3 resolutions every year.

8o% of people who join a gym in January Quit by February.


My experience with weight loss challenge participants and weight loss coaching clients has been the following:


People set the right goals for the wrong reasons.

People lose steam because they haven’t been honest regarding their motivation(s).

People have their plan “in their head” instead of on paper and it gets lost in the day to day this and that.

People who write down their goals and keep them prominent (reviewing them daily) win.

People think they understand nutrition and food and when their self made customized diet doesn’t work, they are surprised, and blame the process not themselves.

Education on diet and nutrition, even if you already know a lot, never hurt anyone.

Having a support group, attending classes, using a trainer and/or a coach does not mean you are weak or dumb, it means you’re smart.

If you have set 2013 resolutions in Portland, Maine and you are interested in giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed and avoid the statistic list from above, consider Dr. Lou’s 2013 Weight Loss Challenge.  With a chance to win money, attend classes all while having access to experts and people who have succeeded doing what you want to do, it seems like a no brainer.  The challenge begins on January 1, 2013.  For more information call (207) 774-6251 or  visit www.weightlosschallengeme.com


2013 resolutions in Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251

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2013 resolutions in Portland, Maine (207) 774-6251