New patients come in for a variety of reasons. All are legitimate and all are worthy of a call and appointment to get the best chiropractic diagnostic testing and evaluation in town. If you want fast scheduling, a staff that listens, answers, provides a solid plan of action and a staff that can deliver results fast, bring yourself with any issues including, but not limited to those below, and we’ll get you on the path to recovery as soon as you call.

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While all of these common conditions are important, they are symptoms of an underlying problem. Our focus on your healing deals with the underlying problem. We find it. We correct it. You get back to your life. Symptom relief can come from drugs. True healing and optimization of your body requires addressing the underlying issue.

If you’re a new patient and have not been in a work or personal injury related accident, we invite you to fill out our Patient Intake Form. After filling out the form, we will call you to schedule your appointment.
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