Dr. Lou thinks he looks like Patrick Dempsey but with less grey hair and stronger arms. The fact is, third party opinions are often better representations of reality than what you hear from the people who own the restaurant, firm, or chiropractic office. Commercials on the radio and TV are paid for by people talking highly about themselves. They write ads for themselves. We encourage potential patients to read what our established patients have to say about us. If you like what you see, call us.

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“From the moment I entered the building, I knew I would benefit from their service. They have a calming atmosphere with approachable and pleasant staff. Dr.Lou Jacobs is highly knowledgeable and skilled with his craft. He invites a joining of efforts along this path of wellness. He encourages learning, sharing the benefits, of how his practice assists within the health paradigm in its relationship to you, the client. I look forward to my visits and a greater level of wellness.” ~Debrah

“The best thing that I ever could’ve done for my health and well-being is to have gone to Dr. Lou. Dr. Lou has completely changed my life and the way I live. I lived with severe tension headaches and migraines for over 15 years, since seeing Dr. Lou my pain is nearly non existant. Dr. Lou and his office is professional, warm, caring, and a pleasure to see. I highly recommend visiting Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture.” ~Farrah G.

“What would I do without Dr. Lou, Erin and (Yvette). After 10 years in Boston under the care of the same chiropractors, I did extensive research before making an appointment with Dr. Lou last fall. Since then, the team at Jacobs Chiropractic has gone above and beyond to help me manage increasingly debilitating symptoms, and I am deeply grateful to them for their support. Dr. Lou embraces a holistic, individualized approach to treatment. He is well-trained, well-informed and actively engaged in the community. Most importantly, he is a caring, compassionate provider, surrounded by caring, compassionate staff.” ~JH

“Very effective spinal manipulation. Always makes me feel more flexible and less stiff.” ~Anonymous

“Jacobs chiropractic office is the best by far. I can’t brag about these people enough. The entire staff in knowledgable and extreamly friendly. They go above and beyond in trying to explain WHY chiropractic services are beneficial to the body instead of just shuffling in one client after another. Although they are very efficient they are extreamly thorough. I love them all!! :)” ~Sarah D.