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Gentle spinal adjustments relieve stress on joints, muscles, and nerves.

This relief reduces pain, improves nerve function and restores balance, control, and regulation of the nervous system to help prevent future problems. All of this so that you may experience life in the body you want.

Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery to help you. We do things differently. Very differently, which is likely why you are looking at this website.  Chiropractic is also very safe.  There are no side effects like with medications, chiropractic works to identify and correct the root of the problem. We don’t mask pain, we let it help us. Pain is a sign that something is wrong. We find what is wrong, causing the pain, and correct it.

The correction of  Spinal subluxation, misalignment of the spine that compromises nerve communication, often helps alleviate headaches, neck & back pain, shoulder injuries, sciatica, wrist pain, ankle injuries and a large number of other problems are often helped with chiropractic care. Unsure if you might benefit? Call the office and get answers related to your specific complaint or goal.

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Chiropractic is a system of evaluating and correcting issues like those that a structural and electrical engineer might see in a house. Chiropractors look for structural imbalances and abnormalities that lead to electrical (nerve) dysfunction. In “chiro-speak” this is called subluxation. Removing interference (pressure, twisting, stretching or other stress) on nerves leads to better brain communication through the nerves and ultimately, better body control. Chiropractors remove interference in the nerves by “adjusting” the spine. Since your brain controls how your body responds to your environment (health), adjusting the spine to remove interference improves communication, function, healing and life.

Can Chiropractic Make You Happy?

Chiropractic makes your brain, nerves, and body communicate and function better. If your brain processes life better, would you be happier? The answer is almost always yes. Better function leads to a better experience. It’s like having a better TV leads to a better picture. We want your picture to be as clear and enjoyable as possible. Research published in 2016 showed that chiropractic adjustments directly impact the part of the brain that controls mood, anxiety, emotions and a number of other feelings and organizational tasks. This part of the brain is called the prefrontal cortex. Ask Dr. Lou to share this research with you when you meet him.

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You didn’t know chiropractic could do this for you? Join the club. Most people don’t fully understand the benefits of a better functioning nervous system. If you would like to learn more, Dr. Lou offers a handful of one on one consultations each month on how chiropractic will change your life. Call (207) 774-6251 or sign up and we’ll put you on the guest list for the next available consultation!