Whether you are a stay at home dad, working for the City of Portland, welding at Bath Iron Works or, climbing electrical poles for CMP, you can benefit from our services. Appointments for dads are efficient. We get you back to work quickly and we do our best to keep you at work while you are getting better. We want you to be pain free and physically capable of heading home after a long day, happily playing with the kids or making time for practicing guitar or working on your bike.

Most working men and dads go to the chiropractor for low back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, sciatica, shoulder pain, stiff neck, and other pain relief. They leave the office with pain relief and a better functioning spine, nervous system and body that holds up to physical stress, mental stress and all with less risk of re-injury.

As someone who likes to work hard and play hard, Dr. Lou understands your desire to stay in the game and miss nothing life has to offer (Watch Here). He also understands your desire to provide for your family through work, while still being there to be a great father. This is a challenging task for dads, and as stress builds it may increase the likelihood that you will crumble. “Crumble prevention” is often achieved through chiropractic care. It is efficient, safe and effective.

It’s not just about today. Your future as a dad matters. Kids need their parents to be healthy and functioning well. Not only does everything that we do at our office improve function and quality of life, it sets the stage for a future that doesn’t involve  your kids needing to take care of you. Just like investing for a bright financial future, a true health savings account involves investing in your body now and over time. We take your future seriously. We help you resolve current issues and create a plan for optimization for the future. Your family wants you to be happy, healthy and active for the long haul. Dr. Lou is living it too, he understands, he listens and creates strategies that strengthen, empower and work fast.