Cupping at our Portland, Maine office focuses on doctor recommended, performance enhancement & recovery as well as soft tissue injury recovery. Dr. Lou has been performing cupping for patients for over 22 years.  Cupping at our office is $25.

Cupping is used for muscles, muscle injury, ligament and tendon injury, poor blood flow, and healing from performances and workouts.

Cupping clients often use acupuncture as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as part of their protocol for health, but cupping can be a stand alone treatment as well. All modalities at JCA are performed by the doctor or by his assistant under his Dr. Lous supervision.

New Cupping and TCM clients at our office may require that our doctor reviews their case with them and performs an initial intake evaluation to understand what exactly is going on and needs to be done.

Many neuromusculoskeletal issues that bring people to a chiropractic office are issues that are helped most with a combination of care. Most TCM clients are also chiropractic patients, but ultimately the decision is yours. The combination of chiropractic and cupping/TCM yield the best results for many of the structural and neurological issues they come to us with. If you are one of these people, we will make appropriate recommendations.

COST: We accept all major insurance. Most insurance companies do not cover cupping and TCM, so we have plans in place for out of pocket expenses to be reduced for greater accessibility. If you have an HSA or otherwise, that may be used for cupping and TCM under most circumstances.  If you have insurance questions, please call Sandra at (207) 774-6251 or fill out a contact form to get your first appointment started!