What Lies Beneath….The Snow.

Don't slip and fall on the ice! It's hiding under the snow! IF you fall, you know who to call: Dr. Lou (207) 774-6251

Don’t slip and fall on the ice! It’s hiding under the snow! IF you fall, you know who to call: Dr. Lou (207) 774-6251

Don’t be fooled! Just because the snow looks soft and fluffy from today’s storm, doesn’t mean there aren’t hazards beneath the surface! Slip and fall accidents leave people injured, missing work, missing family time and falling short in all activities of daily living if the fall is a bad one. Beneath the snow lurk hazards that will ruin your day, week or year if you aren’t careful. Below are a four of the main culprits that are awaiting your arrival!

Hazard 1: ICE
Ice beneath the snow is easy to slip on. One false move and you’ll be in a world of hurt, may miss work, may not be able to pick up your kids or sit down on your butt. A broken tailbone is the last thing you need.

Hazard 2: POTHOLES
Twist your ankle, fall on your hip, say hello to urgent care or the ER. Not a fun way to spend a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

Hazard 3: LEGOS
Legos are always a stepping hazard.

Hazard 4: CAR TRACKS
Believe it or not, packed snow under a car tire can be nearly as slippery as ice. Just pay attention.

Step on a crack, and break your own back. Pavement cracks under snow and a bit of a stumble can lead to injuries you don’t want.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Don’t assume that the earth is clean under the snow. Walk with caution and pay attention. An ounce of preventive walking is worth a pound of cure. If you hurt yourself accidentally, seek professional help immediately.