The Best Chiropractic Video?!

Portland, Maine – Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Lou’s website is now streaming what may be the greatest chiropractic video under 8 minutes, of all time!  Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page.  If after 7 minutes of watching this chiropractic video you don’t have a better idea of what chiropractic is, Dr. Lou will shave his head!

The importance of understanding what chiropractic is, what it does, and what it does not do can change the life of you, your family and friends. This chiropractic video will help.

Here’s an example from my work in Romania.  A new patient came to me with headaches and back pain.  She had seen me on Prima TV and wanted to see if I could help. After and examination and treatment she was relieved of her headaches and was very interested in learning more. I showed her “The Big Idea” chiropractic video and after learning more, she was able to send two colleagues in one week who also received relief of their issues.

Understanding not only leads to better results for you, but also for those you care about.  Watch the chiropractic video and share it with others. It could change their life.

Dr. Lou Jacobs Chiropractor Portland, Maine - Bucuresti, Romania

Dr. Lou Jacobs
Portland, Maine – Bucuresti, Romania