Get The Most Out Of CrossFit.


You are loving CrossFit but not loving your results. Yeah, you are moving forward, but not as fast as the others. Not fast enough to meet your goals.


If results are less than inspiring, you need to ask yourself a few questions.


* What controls strength output?


* What controls your reflexes?


* What controls your focus and response to stimuli?


* What controls motivation and action?


* What processes your movement, your lifting, pushing, pulling, jumping?


If you said “my brain” you are correct. It controls everything and needs to send messages to your body and receive messages from your body quickly and perfectly to get perfect results. Any type of physical exercise that requires mental focus and motivation combined with feats of strength and coordination require fast, accurate nerve communication. Nerves become compressed by inflammation in the muscles, joints and other structures. The nerves to your arms and legs exit from the spine. In fact the nerves going to most of the body exit from the spine. Misalignment, inflammation and compression of nerves where they exit the spine, interferes with optimal communication and impedes results with your training.


Chiropractic has helped people remove nerve interference and subsequent reduced function for 120 years. Chiropractors assess nerve communication and the structural and biomechanical shortcomings that cause decreased function and performance. Chiropractors correct the abnormalities and restore optimal function and performance.


CrossFit performance optimization is easy to find. Dr. Lou Jacobs has been helping athletes and musicians maximize performance for over 13 years.


Bio impedance analysis body composition testing is free with your initial exam if you mention this blog. For more information on BIA at our office, visit Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture Center in Portland is the only office in Maine with RJL Systems Technology.




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