Online Self Diagnosis in Maine – Dr. Google

Dr. Google is not a real doctor.  If you are consulting Dr. Google you can generally expect the following:

1. Unnecessary Worry: Not fully understanding what you are reading, not knowing how what you read integrates with the rest of the body and not knowing other possible causes of your symptoms can really get you scared.  Read online about your symptoms and possible diagnoses, then consult with a human (doctor).

2. Poor Diagnosis:  Self diagnosis using online information is a bad idea. You may get it right, but without consulting a doctor in addition to your self diagnosis, you may find yourself headed down the wrong road with poor results with healing.  You don’t rely on your “Self Diagnosis” when it comes to your car, don’t rely on it for your body.

3. Artificial Time and Experience: What you are reading online is what doctors have studied for years in school and thereafter. The difference is comparing, contrasting, analyzing and a knowledge of how to proceed.  Your circumstances and individuality may make your circumstances and treatment different.

4. Website fear factor: Many websites are designed to scare you to get your business.  They scare you by telling you the bad stuff. Fear is often unfounded. I’ve had patients worry for weeks before asking for a human opinion, only to find out what they were worried about is far from being their condition. Poor prognosis: Wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment, wrong results (poor prognosis).

You shouldn’t use online self diagnosis any more than you’d use the barista at your favorite coffee shop diagnose you either.  Reading a book on nuclear physics doesn’t make you a nuclear physicist and Brushing your hair doesn’t make you a hair stylist either.  For more info on the risks of online self diagnosis – click.

Dr. Google

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