Solutions for back pain in your Porsche

If you have to climb down into your Porsche, you need to take measures to not lose the joy of driving your favorite car.

Sports cars are often a challenge to get in and out of and a few simple exercises could save your fun!

Squats: will help you strengthen your quadriceps and gluteal muscles, both of which help you in and out of the car. Just use your body weight as resistance to the exercises.
Lateral Lunges: Like when you reach your right leg into the car to get in, but you are on a flat floor, just going from side to side.

Touch your toes: bending over to touch your toes decompresses and stretches your low back. This helps to combat compression of the spine, a common cause of back pain. Especially when driving a car with racing suspension, like your Porsche.

Heated Seats: warm your muscles to relaxation with your heated seats. Turn the A/C on if you have to.

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