Weight Loss in 2012 – Portland, Maine

Dr. Lou Jacobs, weight loss expert and founder of Dr. Lou’s weight loss challenge has a 2012 champion.  Weight loss in 2012 is easier when you stay motivated and maintain momentum.  This is Dr. Lou’s specialty.

Steve Nappi is the 2012 winner of the challenge.  Losing nearly 70 lbs and being the first ever to lose 26% of his body weight, he is the new poster boy for weight loss in 2012.

Dr. Lou’s weight loss challenge is an annual event beginning on January 1 and ending on April 1.  Winners receive large cash prizes.  In addition to Dr. Lou’s chiropractic-acupuncture private practice, he offers tele-coaching and group coaching for weight loss and has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.  What are your plans for weight loss in 2012?  It’s not too late.  Call (207) 774-6251.