Why Is Rapid Release Therapy So Great?

At Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture, we have chosen to use Rapid Release Therapy for our patients muscular injuries. Rapid Release Therapy (RRT), as you will learn below is highly effective for treating nerve, muscle and connective tissue injuries in everyone, not just athletes and musicians. As of the writing of this blog post, there are only three offices in Maine listed on the RRT website with this device, one of which is ours in Portland.

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The Rapid Release Technique is considered highly effective for several reasons:

1. Targeted high-speed vibration: RRT uses high-frequency vibrations (around 160-170 Hz) that are specifically designed to target and break down scar tissue, adhesions, and muscle tension [1][2][4]. Whether you have a frozen shoulder, surgical scar tissue, TMJ pain, tension headaches, trigger finger or tennis elbow, RRT should be able to help.

2. Quick and effective: Our treatments typically take only 2-5 minutes per area, providing rapid relief [1][4]. Efficiency is the name of the game. The less time you spend receiving treatment, the more time you spend enjoying your life with friends, family, the beach, your dog, or on vacation.

3. Non-invasive and painless: Unlike some other therapies, RRT is generally painless and can even provide an analgesic effect by closing the “pain gates” of the nervous system [2][10].

4. Versatile application: The device can be used on various body parts, from large muscle groups to small joints, making it suitable for a wide range of conditions [5][8].

5. Immediate results: Our patients often experience immediate relief that tends to last longer than relief from regular massage [2][3].

6. Improves mobility and flexibility: By breaking down adhesions and scar tissue, RRT can increase range of motion and flexibility [4][5].

7. Complements other treatments: RRT works well in conjunction with chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy [6][10].

8. Promotes healing: The therapy can improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage, potentially accelerating the healing process [1][3].

9. FDA-registered: The device is registered with the FDA, adding to its credibility as a medical treatment option [1][9].

10. Athlete-endorsed: Professional athletes use RRT to maintain peak performance and aid in recovery [3].

11. Cost-effective: By providing quick and effective treatment, RRT can potentially reduce the need for more expensive or invasive treatments [3][8].

The Rapid Release Technique is considered highly effective due to its ability to provide quick, painless, and targeted relief for a variety of musculoskeletal issues, while also being versatile and complementary to other forms of treatment.

Dr. Lou Jacobs has been a chiropractor and acupuncturist in Portland, Maine for nearly 23 years. He is board certified in perinatal and pediatric chiropractic and has been working with families his entire career. He is a specialist in working with musicians and performing artists, which has led to his treatment of some of the world’s most famous musicians of recent years. He is the only practitioner listed in Southern Maine on the Rapid Release Therapy website as a provider of this type of therapy. 

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