Allergy Medication In Portland, Maine


If you live in or around Portland, Maine, you know this has been a pretty “allergic spring”.  People with allergies have been suffering this season.  Medications like Zyrtec and Claritin have what most consider unwanted side effects.  In addition to calling your doctor immediately if you have any of the following side effects, maybe you want to consider an alternative to the meds.  If you or someone you love is taking allergy medication in Portland, maine, read on….


Zyrtec side effects:


– fast, pounding or uneven heartbeat;

– weakness, tremors, or sleep problems

– restlessness or hyperactivity

– confusion

– problems with vision

– less urination or no urination at all

– dizziness and drowsiness

– tired feeling

– dry mouth

– sore throat, cough;

– nausea, constipation

– headache

(this is not a complete list, for that list, contact your medical doctor)

-headaches occur 16% of the time


Claritin Side Effects:


– fast or uneven heart rate

– feeling like you might pass out

– jaundice (yellow skin or eyes)

– seizures

– nervousness

– feeling tired or drowsy

– stomach pain, diarrhea

– dry mouth, sore throat, hoarseness

– eye redness, blurred vision

– nosebleed

– skin rash

(this is not a complete list, for that list contact your medical doctor)

– Headache occurs in 7% of people taking claritin (Loratadine)



These are rather unpleasant side effects.  The Chinese herbal supplement called Xanthium 12 has no side effects.  It has been used by patients of Dr. Lou for over a decade with consistent and predictable results.  It is extremely reliable and it is available for allergies without prescription in Portland, Maine.  For availability call Dr. Lou at (207) 774-6251.



If you don’t want to take medications, you may not have to.  Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy may help alleviate your systems, heal your immune response naturally and help you enjoy the summer and fall.


No one likes to have a runny nose all summer.


allergy medication in Portland, Maine. For a natural alternative, call Dr. Lou at (207) 774-6251

allergy medication in Portland, Maine. For a natural alternative, call Dr. Lou at (207) 774-6251