Sydney’s Experience With Getting My “Back Cracked”

Hey there! There’s a first time for everything!

Before starting here as the new patient coordinator at Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture  I had no idea what Chiropractic was all about… my dad would go to “get his back cracked” and I thought it was strange, probably painful, and completely unfounded in medical legitimacy. And then I met Dr. Lou and my education has been reminiscent of emerging from a dark hole and into the sunshine.

For years I’ve had the knack to get tension headaches and vertigo. My neck and shoulders have always been knotted up with stress. Never once in my attempts to deter these things did I consider something like seeing a chiropractor… because isn’t that just where you go to get your back cracked sometimes? If you threw your back out, or had a fall? Since starting here, I’ve learned that the there’s a clinical term for “back cracking“. It’s called an adjustment and it’s a specific correction of spinal misalignment that leads to removing pressure on nerves. This correction leads to better nerve control of healing and regulation of the body. Your body heals itself!

The approach to feeling better in our society is more inclined to fast relief and covering symptoms. I had been approaching my own pain in completely the wrong way. Dr. Lou helped me get to the root of what my body was trying to tell me.

AND this new path didn’t include pain medication?! Sign me up.

Properly prescribed medications kill over 100,000 Americans each year. Chiropractic is safe, effective and drug free.

Properly prescribed medications kill over 100,000 Americans each year (US News & World Report). Chiropractic is safe, effective and drug free.

The adjustments and trigger point work Dr. Lou has been doing for me have nearly completely eliminated my headaches. The knots in my back are on the way to becoming less like rocks and more like human flesh. It’s eye opening. And kind of miraculous. And very satisfying.

Who knew that by guiding my body to its proper natural state it would heal itself?

Dr. Lou did, that’s for sure.

We all need to double check the way we’re approaching our health. Are you doing what your body needs the most, or are you doing what’s easiest?

Try a new path. And roll with it. Your lifespan and quality of life will thank you for it.

Until next time,