Protecting your family from a weak immune system may be easier than you think.

Research has suggested that 70-80% of your immune system is housed in your “Gut.” A healthy microbiome is the beginning of better immunity.

People have been asking me a lot lately, “Dr. Lou, what do you do to protect your immune system and make it as strong as possible?”

I have a simple, valuable routine that has kept me illness free for nearly 2 years, a new record for me.

1. Sleep (get plenty of it). Proper and adequate rest helps your body rejuvenate and recuperate from the stress of the day.

2. Exercise (regularly & consistently). Weight and deconditioning are strong factors of vulnerability to illness and a weak body (system). COVID-19 deaths and illnesses have already been shown to be higher in our overweight populations.

3. Reduce mental stress. Calm down, partake in healthy stress reduction activities like exercise, music, yoga, cooking, or something you know will chill you out, without causing more stress.

4. Probiotic supplementation. Probiotics help boost your gut health and immunity.

5. Other supplementation known to help boost immunity.

This is the probiotic I take for immunity:

This is the multi I used to take:

This. Is the vitamin D I take for better immunity:

This is the turmeric supplement I take: LINK


6. Eat healthily. My diet is dialed in. The better my diet, the fewer multivitamins I take.

7. Juicing. Vegetable juice with citrus and ginger 5 days a week seems to have really impacted my immunity and sense of well being.

8. Get adjusted consistently. A healthy immune system and adaptability is a function of your nervous system. Chiropractic care improves adaptability and removes interference in nerve control over the systems of your body. It’s a proactive, healthy, no brainer.

With the help of prevention and health optimization specialists like Dr. Lou, you can prepare yourself and your family for the next season of viruses that hit the unhealthy folks hardest.