Thoughts on Biking in Portland, Maine

Portland is the perfect city to commute by bike. Everything is close and most streets allow plenty of space to ride safely and comfortably along with motor commuters. I love riding my bike through town, checking out the sights and feeling the energy of the city. This way I am presented with the choice to slow down or stop to delve deeper into an experience, or to cruise on through any unpleasantries. Between the money saved by not buying gas, the ability to pass on by the long lines of traffic, and the exercise I get from peddling rather than driving, it seems like a healthy no brainer.
Try it out! Ride your bike or walk somewhere you would normally drive one day a week. It really adds up, and only in positive ways. A little bit of consistency goes a long way toward a healthier you.  If you are in our area, stop by the office for a coffee, tea or water fill-up!
Yvette Schussler
Community outreach Coordinator
Jacobs Chiropractic Acupuncture
Biking in Portland, Maine

Thoughts On Biking In Portland, Maine - Becoming A Healthier & Happier You.