You are not alone.

Sometimes results are just as meaningful to your loved ones as they are to you. Your health impacts the lives of others.  Here is a true story…

Car Accidents and Lyme Disease.

“I have been bringing my fiancé to this practice for almost two years. I can’t say enough positive things about it. We started coming here together after another driver on the road hit my fiancé’s car at an intersection and caused her many issues. Because of the nature of her injuries along with her underlying condition of having Lyme disease, she was in a great deal of discomfort and almost constant pain. After only a couple of months, Dr. Lou got her back in good shape. A few months later, disaster struck again in nearly the same type of situation with a driver running a red light and striking my fiancé’s vehicle and causing her further injury. We came to Lou again and within a matter of mere months, he got her back to even better shape than she was in before the first accident! Coming to the office for an extended amount of time and so often, the entire staff became like family and were incredibly supportive and friendly. Dr. Lou and his entire staff are an absolute delight to be around and are miracle workers! As I stated in the beginning, I can’t say enough positive things about Lou and his entire practice. He has saved my fiancé and I cannot be more grateful. Maybe he can save the entire country? LOU 2020! He’s got my vote.” ~Seth N

Your family will thank you for getting healthy and strong!

Your family will thank you for getting healthy and strong!

“Dr. Lou and his practice have been a game-changer for me. I have had chronic back pain for at least 7 years and just before moving to Portland found out that I had the beginnings of a bone spur and other serious structural back issues that needed to be addressed. I tried a different chiropractor in Portland and they did a very simple assessment, and their diagnosis was that I was healthy and just needed routine upkeep?! I then went to Dr. Lou and was so impressed by and grateful for such an extensive assessment process. His process involved a postural screen, a measurement of muscle tension throughout my spine and nerve compression my spine, but also taking into account everything I had to self-report. He took a look at the x-ray from my previous doctor and spent a long time reviewing the results with me, discussing it from both a scientific and holistic approach. He made plenty of time to answer my many questions. He created a treatment plan for the next 3 months at which point we would re-evaluate. I have noticed such a difference! I remember when I first starting seeing him I would get up from the table and be amazed at the lack of pain in my neck and back. The feeling at first would only last for a few minutes, but as I continued treatment this lack of pain would last longer and longer after each office visit. Now a year and a half later I just occasionally come in. The front office staff couldn’t be nicer or more helpful, Dr. Lou is fantastic, and they also offer acupuncture and I’ve had several great deep tissue massages here.

Finally, both of my parents who live out of state were having major back issues and were planning on each having second surgeries on their spines. I asked Dr. Lou how he talks to people who are skeptical about chiropractic medicine and he gave me some incredibly helpful tips for how to approach the topic in an effort to encourage my folks to try a less invasive option before more follow-up surgery. His tips worked and my skeptical parents feel better and are able to be active again after only 3 months of chiro and PT instead of being in recovery from another surgery. I deeply appreciated Dr. Lou taking the extra time to give me his insight (he even offered to review their cases/information!).

My last favorite thing – he’s a music lover and always has great music playing :).

I highly recommend Dr. Lou!”

~Julie L.