Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?


Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? It's a good question but the wrong one.

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? It’s a good question but the wrong one.

Despite recent reports the verdict still seems to be out on this issue. With high exposure do rats get tumors when exposed to cell phones? Yes. Does this mean humans will? No. But the world is not this cut and dry. While the question about cell phone safety is good, it’s not the best question. Understanding that there is value in knowing the dangers of cell phone exposure in a lab, it’s much more complicated than that. People will us the “we aren’t the same as rats and we don’t expose our brains to 9 hours of cell phone use a day.” Like with most misunderstandings by civilians about how the body works, thinking about the big picture is often lost. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with immeasurable physical, chemical and mental stress. We don’t live in a world where the only stress on our brain from cell phones. Whether it’s chemicals in medications, radiation or some form of electromagnetic energy that crosses our blood brain barrier or skeletal protection, it may all be adding up. The cumulative effect and how they interact with one another is what is ultimately most important and telling. Granted, you have to start somewhere, but let’s use a little common sense.


Does holding a cell phone that emits radiation up against your head, sometimes for hours a day, seem like a good idea? If your gut says no, if it seems like a bad idea, don’t do it! It is a bad idea and we shouldn’t need research to tell us that there is an association between cell phones and cancer. Here’s another way to figure this out. Ask yourself the following question, “Is my health, my life, likely going to be better or worse for holding this cell phone that emits radiation to my head?”  If the answer is worse, don’t do it!


Use a wired headset and keep your phone away from your head and reproductive organs. While the science is still out, using common sense is a safe bet.


Dr. Lou Jacobs is a chiropractor and expert on common sense and health choices. His office is in Portland, Maine.