For the mental and physical health of our current patients, I am offering very limited hours  in the upcoming weeks. The threat of corona virus, while very real, is also accompanied by a great deal of mental stress and consequently, physical strain, dysfunction, and discomfort. Mental stress and a sustained fight or flight response negatively affect your immune system and make you more vulnerable to poor health of all kinds. The stress of our current situation, for some, will be worse than the virus itself. Additionally, for those who need to support and care for their families at this time, there is no room for the physical break down of one’s back, neck, shoulders, hips, arms or other body parts, including the mind, needed to be able to care for them. It is our duty to you, your family and our community to keep things going as long as we remain hyper-vigilant and safe with measures to stay virus-free. We are torn between many aspects of doing what is right for the greater good, but we will continue to follow statistics, science, government mandates and local reality to decide what to do on a daily basis.

March Plan Of Action

Dr. Lou is available from 9-11 am Monday through Thursday.

Only three people will be allowed in the office at once. Others must wait in their cars until ushered into the office. 6 feet or more between each patient is recommended.

All patients will have their temperature taken.

Dr. Lou will be wearing a mask at all times. If you have a mask or baklava to wear over your mouth and nose, please wear it to your appointment.

Tables and other surfaces will continue to be disinfected between every patient.

Dr. Lou is available for private, one on one visits if requested.

All patients over the age of 70 should wait until further notice to return to the office.

Other measures may also be taken to make our office environment as safe as possible. Please recognize the need for courtesy and respect for the health of others as well as the need to be flexible regarding changes to the office during this unprecedented time.

** No one who is sick, or suspects being sick,  or has been around sick people, should come into the office. Dr. Lou has not been sick in the past 12 months and has been out only for food, with only minimal exposure to others. If you have any concerns about coming to an appointment for any reason, stay home. We don’t want you to feel compromised in any way. Call us and let us know that you are no longer comfortable leaving your house and we will contact you when we reopen under pandemic-free circumstances.