The Chiropractic Paradigm Bucuresti, Romania

“The Chiropractic Paradigm” is the heart of chiropractic.  It is the core around which chiropractic positions itself as a unique, distinctly different healthcare profession.  Understanding of these principles opens the people of Bucuresti, Romania (Bucharest, Romania) to a truly natural and holistic healthcare system in it’s purest form.  Yes, chiropractic Bucuresti, Romania is great for neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, sciatica and a large number of pain issues, but the healing comes not from magically removing the pain.  It comes from proper regulation of the brain and nervous system. Dr. Lou Jacobs, known as “Dr. Lou” in the U.S. may be opening a clinic from September to October of 2014. Questions may be directed to



* The body is a self regulating and self healing organism.


*  The nerve system is the master system that heals, regulates and controls all other organs and tissues of the body and relates the individual to his/her environment.


*  Spinal biomechanical dysfunction may affect a persons nerve system and it’s ability to heal, regulate and control the body at it’s optimal capacity.


*  A doctor of chiropractic corrects the dysfunction that leads to poor nerve system control, thereby maximizing the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself. Chiropractic depends on the “doctor inside you” and the innate healing potential & capabilities of the body to free you of pain and dysfunction.



“Health is a state of optimal physical, emotional and social well-being. Central to the philosophy of chiropractic is the principle that life is intelligent. This innate intelligence strives to maintain a state of health through adaptation mechanisms. The nervous system is recognized as an avenue for these self-regulating processes. Interference with neurological function can impede these mechanisms, disrupt homeostatic balance and adversely impact health. Chiropractic posits that subluxation of the spinal column and other articulations can affect nervous system function and the expression of health, which may result in symptoms, infirmity and disease.”



Chiropractic Bucuresti, Romania with "Dr. Lou"

Chiropractic Bucuresti, Romania with “Dr. Lou”