Chiropractic Treatment Of Sciatica

Sciatica Help Without Surgery


Chiropractic treatment of sciatica has long been a go to method of gaining relief of the dreaded low back and leg pain.


Sciatica is caused by irritation by the spine of the nerves that form the sciatic nerve. Inflammation compression, direct bony compression, disc herniation and other causes must be identified precisely in order to apply the proper treatment by any doctor. Chiropractors are no exception. Watch Christopher’s story about sciatica.


If and only if, it appears safe to treat the causative misalignment, disc bulge or inflammation, the back pain chiropractor will “adjust” the spine into optimal position to remove interference in the nerves thereby restoring function and decreasing pain to the sciatic nerve. Sometimes the cause of the sciatica requires surgery. If this is the case, your chiropractors in Portland, Maine will be able to tell you this.


**Some cases of sciatica are not sciatica at all but rather what’s called “piriformis syndrome”. Performs syndrome is an inflammation and tension in the piriformis muscle that leads to sciatic nerve compression in the muscles of the butt. It feels like sciatica, it acts like sciatica, but ultimately it is much less serious and the chiropractic treatment of performs syndrome is quick, effective and long lasting. It doesn’t require injections, medications or surgery and it it is often misdiagnosed. If you have pain in the butt and pain down the back of the same side leg, you should be evaluated for piriformis syndrome before you go under the needle or knife.


WATCH Dr. Lou’s enthusiastic discussion on the chiropractic treatment of sciatica and the difference between sciatica and piriformis syndrome.


Chiropractic Treatment Of Sciatica - Don't go under the needle or the knife until you know what's at the root of your sciatica.  Sciatica patients come to us everyday and everyday. Get your life back. (207) 774-6251

Chiropractic Treatment Of Sciatica – Don’t go under the needle or the knife until you know what’s at the root of your sciatica. Sciatica patients come to us everyday. Get your life back. (207) 774-6251