Chiropractica din Romania



Chiropractic is not a treatment of disease, injury or deformity, it is a facilitation of the body’s innate ability to regulate, control and heal itself when interference to the nerve system is removed. When the body, brain and nerve system achieve optimal function through reduced or no interference to control, the body will regulate and heal itself.


Chiropractic is well known for eliminating back pain, neck pain, hip pain, headaches and other neuromusculoskeletal pain, but this is a positive side effect of proper neurological function and healing achieved through structural adjustments and not due to direct treatment of disease.


There is no cure for the common cold.  Your body is able to eliminate the cold, however. Medicine does not heal a cut finger – your body heals a cut finger and replaces the skin.  Trillions of functions of the body are being performed every second in every living human being without any thought and under normal circumstances, every function is executed perfectly. As you read this, over 3 billion cells in your body have already died and are being replaced with new cells formed by your body from the supa de perisoara you ate yesterday.  Our body has the incredible, innate ability to control, regulate and heal itself far better than any medicine or doctor.  Chiropractic facilitates this regulation.


Chiropractica din Romania will soon be available from Dr. Lou Jacobs, a licensed (U.S. & Romania) Doctor of Chiropractic.


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Chiropractica din Romania - Dr. Lou Jacobs

Chiropractica din Romania – Dr. Lou Jacobs – 2014