Why Do I Cook For My Patients?

~Dr. Lou

I’d say on average, I cook about 15-20 hours a week, mostly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I cook for my family, my friends, people I care about. Food really brings happiness to peoples lives. It’s a great way to continue caring for people on the weekend, after a week of caring for people in the office.

My mum used to care for us by preparing food. My mother in-law does the same thing. I do the same thing. After 2 years and 65 cooking videos on Youtube, patients often ask when I am going to “cook for us at the office.”

The Truth.

I can’t cook at the office, but I do want to share my food with those I care about. I spend nearly 50 hours a week at the office. The community of people who come to us for care are people with whom I could easily spend time with outside of the office. We have a uniquely wonderful group of people coming to us each day. Cool people, creative, friendly and compassionate people. I have patients who bring me eggs, who bring me beer, who bring me food that they make. It makes me want to share my food with them.

This week I am sharing individual servings of my homestyle Indian Chicken Curry with patients who help others. Marinara Monday gives people the opportunity to take home a jar of my spicy marinara. I want to be the only chiropractor in Portland, Maine to cook for his patients. While not all of my recipes are suitable for “eating later,” rest assured, those that store well, will be offered up over the course of the next year.

Great communities share in each others lives. We participate in the growth of the human spirit and the nourishing of each other’s happiness and health. We take care of each other. Chiropractic care and acupuncture are great, but they are so much better when healthy food is involved. Some of my patients work hard all day and don’t have time to make dinner. If they come in on a day when I have my food available, they won’t have to worry about dinner that night. After a rough day, that’s a big deal. A great gift of time, calm, sustinence, ease….

I (we) work harder, to make your life easier.

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