Side effects are not side effects. They are (less common) effects. 

Technically speaking, aren't side effects really just effects?  Some effects are less common than others, but they are still effects.

“Technically speaking, aren’t side effects really just effects? Some effects are less common than others, but they are still effects.” ~Master Of The Obvious

IF you’ve read the previous posts about chronic pain, you know that chiropractic is concerned with brain and nerve science, that the body heals itself, this healing is controlled by the brain, interference in the nerves called subluxation is bad, and correction of the interference in that system allows for the body to heal itself at maximum capacity.

Side effects are a lie. They are a manipulation of words to make it sound like less likely effects of drugs don’t matter. They only “don’t matter” if you don’t have them. Side effects are effects. They are common with drugs and surgery, and while those are necessary at times, for chronic pain, they don’t often correct the cause in a way that sets you up for success.

Research published in a number of medical journals has shown that chiropractic adjustments affect your brain function. Your prefrontal cortex, responsible for mood, emotions, mental organization, anxiety, stress, personality, environmental processing of people and situations, and a host of other functions are all often positively affected by chiropractic.

In 2016, research was published in The Journal of Integrative Neuroscience that showed how chiropractic adjustments impact the prefrontal cortex of your brain. That’s the part of your brain that controls mood, cause and effect, interactions with others, processing relationships, empathy, response flexibility, body regulation, intuition, morality and fear modulation. WOW! Mood, anxiety, depression and other issues all may be impacted directly with chiropractic care.

Research has also shown the same type of positive impact on the cerebellum, the area in the brain responsible for balance. People who suffer with instability and risk of falling and permanent disability would certainly benefit from this effect of chiropractic care.

Extensive research on the “fight or flight response” has confirmed that the impact that chiropractic has on the sympathetic nervous system.  The sympathetic system is what controls fight or flight and chiropractic adjustments are effective in changing the constant state of stress in this part of the nervous system that so many Americans feel the effects of.

The moral of the story is subluxation (nerve interference) is bad. Chronic pain needs full brain and nerve control of healing to have the best chance of going away and staying away. All symptoms have causes. You must find the cause and correct it to eradicate the symptoms and keep them at bay. Dr. Lou is a great chiropractor with great hands and great “technique”. His action (care) plans work. If you’ve got a minute and a problem, call Dr. Lou today. (207) SPINAL 1