Be Thankful For Your Abundance America.

For the past 3 weeks I have been working and living in a country of over 20 million people, that but for myself and another part time chiropractor, chiropractors don’t exist. They don’t exist here for many reasons. The first being that there is an abundance of untrained people calling themselves chiropractors with no laws to protect the people from their false advertising. Or to protect trained chiropractors from the imposters. With untrained people performing non-specific joint manipulations in the absence of highly specific adjustments designed to improve nerve communication and reduce subluxation, the risk for injury and damage is high. There is a growing, but not fully developed, non-pharmaceutical healthcare system here. Alternative- non medicated- medicine. Eastern Europe feels very safe, inexpensive and beautiful, but still, it fails to draw chiropractors from abroad. There are no chiropractic programs of study in Eastern Europe.

Recognize Abundance In Your Life. Take Advantage Of Opportunities Around You. It Can Always Get Better! Dr. Lou Jacobs (207)774-6251

Recognize Abundance In Your Life. Take Advantage Of Opportunities Around You. It Can Always Get Better! Dr. Lou Jacobs (207)774-6251

We in the U.S. often take for granted how easy we have it, and how much accessibility we have to great things and services. In my family’s experience while here, the doctors are great, the technology within private doctor and dental offices is superior to the average office in Maine, and people pay out of pocket for these services. After 10, 12 hour days, seeing many old patients as well as over 60 new ones, I still have a waiting list of 131 people wanting to see me, cash in hand and poor health destroying their quality of lives. They have to wait until next time.

In America, if we choose to, we have an abundance of healthy choices we can make. We have highly trained professionals who can help us create healthier lives. We have gyms on every corner and access to clean, organic food. We all know that life ends for everyone, but the quality of life we live, that is what is so important. Chiropractic helps optimize your experience and processing of life. It helps you live healthier, happier and better. The world wants what we have and we should be thankful for our abundance.

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