Are you a COVID Parent?

Like living through a natural disaster or another major generational event, being a “COVID MOM” during this time will be something that you’ll never forget.  Raising kids is challenging enough under normal circumstances. But the degree to which you must juggle responsibilities now is for many, unparalleled. 

COVID MOM - Help Managing Stress!

COVID MOM – Help Managing Stress!

Do you remember a time when things were “easy?” 

One of the biggest obstacles to taking care of oneself is time. We all recognize the value of time, how we don’t get it back, and how COVID-19 has changed our use of time. 

Our office is acutely aware of time. We make sure that your care is efficient. No long waits, and only the necessary time for your care. No more, no less. We process your insurance for you to save you time. We have quick effective ways of scheduling and communicating with our office. We have flexible hours to make your visits most convenient for you.  Your day, your life is why you come to us, we want to make sure that you enjoy as much of it as possible.

It’s not about your back pain, neck pain, or headaches. It’s about your life!

Taking care of yourself during this chaotic time allows for you to care for others effectively. Your family needs a great you. You need a great you!

With extensive tools to evaluate stress, we can help you see the light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel of “normalcy upheaval.” 

No referral needed and all major insurance is accepted.  ChirohealthUSA (CHUSA) is also accepted!